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GLBasic - en / Forum confusion...
« on: 2013-Aug-22 »
I did a search on the forum for some animation code...

And turned up some pure out-of-date stuff...maybe deprecated code should be filed away or removed...if better method or newer commands exist ?

I know Gernot is very busy, but a couple of the more experienced guys could moderate and cleanup the forum - code-wise..?

Just a suggestion...

GLBasic - en / Looping in Types
« on: 2013-Aug-20 »
Another loopy question...

Is there any occasion when looping through TYPES and you have a function eval like so...

hitv = hitthenemy(xx,yy,xxx,yyy,clan1,clan2)   

...if the current item is deleted how does that affect the returned value to the current item loop?

enemy 1 is moving and encounters enemy 2
    enemy 1 is using collision detection and fires a check to ensure that enemy 2 is an enemy and if so they fight.
         {fight resolved and enemy 1 (attacker) is killed  RETURN 2 ELSE RETURN 0}
We are now back in enemy 1 loop .. so is enemy 1 loop gone or instantly moved on?

I think writing this out gives me a possible solution...mark the unit as dead and clean up after the loop??

I'm sure others have had this issue before...

GLBasic - en / Game hanging when losing focus
« on: 2013-Aug-19 »

Does anyone know what might cause Windows game to hang when losing focus...

My game runs okay but if I alt tab away i cant get back in?

Could it be a looping or call subs issue?

My game uses a lot of TYPES and function calls.


GLBasic - en / Android deployment
« on: 2013-Aug-05 »
Hi Guys,

I have my first app nearly ready to go but need to know the following:

For Android (or iPhone):

1. Do i need to have checks for various screen resolutions or with 320x480 work as a standard and stretch?
   1b. If the case do I just using platforminfo and work away from there?

2.  Do I have to allow for landscape / portrait switching or is this an Apple-only requirement?

3. GLB v 11 - my Android compile is looking good - but the phone i am using is giving an "error parsing application" error when trying to run - gl_basic_debug.apk...ANY ideas?


GLBasic - en / Timer countdown
« on: 2013-Aug-03 »

How should I go about doing countdown timer?
I can get a count up timer working using GETTIMERALL() but am scratching my head for a workable countdown with
hh:mm:ss format


GLBasic - en / Polyvector
« on: 2012-Sep-02 »

Can someone help explain a Polyvector and how to draw a basic shape like a rock..(5 - 6 sided object)
Plus how the collision detection would work for such a shape...

It would help me a lot! :nw:

GLBasic - en / implicit declarations
« on: 2012-Aug-29 »
Hi, quick one today...

Does the use of Implicit declarations affect performance or compiling for any of the mobile platforms??

I tend to leave it until the end (after debugging) so would like to know if Android or iPhone expects it in any way?

GLBasic - en / Sprite collision...
« on: 2012-Aug-29 »

Back there a way to use sprite collision without including the transparent backgrounds?

It truly is a box then which is not ideal.


GLBasic - en / movement / sprite rotation
« on: 2012-Aug-28 »

I have a rotating sprite and want to move it forward in the direction relative to the rotation of the sprite

So if it is pointing downleft have the acceleration begin from there...

Also want to accelerate the sprite slowly.

Is there an easy way to do this without mind-numbing math?

GLBasic - en / nested FOR array loops
« on: 2012-Aug-27 »

Can someone explain what i am doing wrong here...

I have 2 nested FOR loops
top is the shots fired existing on screen the second are the enemies to boxcoll against...

I can get the DIMDEL to work on the enemies but not the bullets and now getting array out of DIM array error

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
FUNCTION checkhits:

FOR sh = 0 TO LEN(shots[])-1

FOR en = 0 TO LEN(invader[])-1

IF BOXCOLL(shots[sh].x,shots[sh].y,32,32,invader[en].x,invader[en].y,32,32)

DIMDEL invader[],en
DIMDEL shots[],sh





GLBasic - en / Android / iPhone commands
« on: 2012-Aug-24 »
this may exist already somewhere in this vast forum but can someone provide a list of what is not allowed (commandwise) for Android and iPhone?

that way debugging would be easier and errors avoided...

e.g. Alpha-ing in android - yes or no?
if no then what is alternative...

Also for android all says it installed etc...but where would i see the app on the phone? Do i need to reboot the smartphone? or copy over manually...

Sorry, i have been away working/life commits and have come back with determination to crack my first smartphone app out sharpish!

GLBasic - en / DDgui Help Guide
« on: 2011-Nov-24 »

I am surprised that I cant seem to find a full featured DDgui help guide.
I found a small one but that did not show good examples of usage etc...

It's so useful but not a lot of info on it...

GLBasic - en / Resolution Question
« on: 2011-Nov-22 »

I am building a game and plan to port to iPhone...however the std res of iPhone is only 320 x 480 so this puts a lot of limits on what I am doing...

should i be bothered and just use the iPhone 4 resolution as my minimum or is the market for 320 x 480 too big to ignore at this stage??


I am seeing that polyvector / newpolystrip can be useful and is used a lot but I dont yet fully understand what they are good for.
Are they for drawing only or other uses also...


I will be looking to do this shortly and wondered if there was a simple enough approach to making a scrolling screen containing a lot of sprite objects.

I could have the screen reset and show a new screen when the main sprite hits the borders but I want a smooth scrolling screen if possible...

Would I have to iterate thru the sprite x,y coords and update to simulate a scrolling effect?
I think this method would be heavy on CPU and cause a bad flicker.

Any other ideas?


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