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GLBasic - en / Android no-nos?
« on: 2013-Nov-21 »
Can I use the AppTimer routine for Android?

Are there other no-nos that cause Android to crash from the Get go?

SprColl? or Alphatesting? etc?

Debugging is hard when your fumbling about on a blue screen...;-)

GLBasic - en / Font transparency?
« on: 2013-Nov-19 »
Whats the best method when using the font creator?
And when the font is used in ddgui with scaling screen?

I tried the default 255,0,128 color setting and that failed to work.

GLBasic - en / Android install error...
« on: 2013-Oct-26 »
My app is telling users its not signed correctly...any idea what I need to do to make sure its signed?

The play store accepts it but users get an error trying to install - but my nexus device installs it just fine...


I am building an Arcade Shooter - but find that my enemies (which I iterate thru to update their positions) start off nice and quick and so does my player ships and firing etc...

But when enemies are reduces to 4 or less the game crawls!

I suspect it is due to the foreach enemy Loop i have and as it reduces the showscreen fires more often and so does my check for collisions and check for key press events...

Any ideas how I could go about sorting this??
I have put in a framerate timer but that is not helping...

Announcements / Artwork Nixer anyone?
« on: 2013-Oct-21 »
Need some simple enough - but good - art for an app i am planning to release...

Anyone interested ? I can pay cash via paypal...

GLBasic - en / DDgui on android scaled screen
« on: 2013-Oct-21 »
I have a problem with my DDgui menu - its fine for first few items in list but as I got down the list the spacing for the scaled screen goes off and its moving down the screen too far.


Option 1   (clicks okay)
Option 2   (clicks okay)
Option 3   (clicks option 4)
Option 4   (clicks CANCEL button below option 5)
Option 5

I though it was a an integer problem but still happening ....

Any ideas guys?? Need to sort this or replace my menus...

my changes in ddgui were

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
MOUSESTATE mx, my, realb1, realb2
//add by gp
mx = mx / offsetx
my = my / offsety

LOCAL rmx1%, rmy1%
MOUSESTATE rmx1, rmy1, rb1%, rb2%
//add by gp
rmx = rmx1 / offsetx
rmy = rmy1 / offsety

GLBasic - en / Isometric screen tiles
« on: 2013-Oct-16 »
Hi Guys,

I am testing out an isometric layout...but I need get some tips on laying down the tiles....

Do I stagger them odd, even etc
Or is there a neat way of laying down the tiles...
My cubes / tiles are 30 x 30 in size.

I have the movement done but everything looks a little off kilter... :noggin:

Beta Tests / Android chess clock
« on: 2013-Oct-15 »
I'm sure it may have a bug or two but the stretch screen method worked a treat...

Its FREE to install on Google Play

Use with Chess, Backgammon, Scrabble, etc...

Announcements / My 1st Android beta
« on: 2013-Sep-10 »
You can find it in the beta test section

Please try it out


Beta Tests / Chess Clock App - beta test
« on: 2013-Sep-10 »
Hi Guys,

My 1st Android app for beta testing... not a game ... a chess clock...
(removed bad permissions!!)

Please try it out...It works fine on my Nexus 7 II

Dropbox is so handy for android beta deployment...


GLBasic - en / DDGUI with scaled screen
« on: 2013-Sep-10 »

How do I use DDGUi mouse coords with a scaled screen the menus are off kilter


I need a simple enough routine that will work the stretchsprite method of screen scaling....

I am not sure about the maths for the mouse x y offsets using a higher res.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Beta Tests / Viking Raiders - beta 1.6.3
« on: 2013-Aug-29 »
Here is my UPDATED beta version [updated with version 1.6.3]

1.6.3 Updates:
-       Added option to turn on a grid when 'G' is pressed when human viking is first highlighted

1.6.2 Features / Updates

-   Added horns / treasure chests
-   Catapults can be destroyed by enemy vikings
-   Fixed collison issues
-   Boats dont ram
-   Boats dont need full water access to move
-   Boats can only be destroyed by Catapults
-   Drunks fight and attack randomly
-   Enemy drunks can be recruited when collided with
-   Boats can be stacked to form bridges
-   Castles can be attacked from the sea
-       CPU (AI) buying decisions more cautious
-       CPU gold depleats but they can collect gold also

1.2 updates/fixes:

- hanging screens resolved
- "men falling out of boats" fixed
- victory screen added
- prices of units added
- bottom panel graphic {still to be completed}

Gameplay features:

- 1-4 player hotseat or cpu
- better CPU player AI
- longboats are better than original (not as restricted)
- more gold at start (may revise this)
- true retro graphic style
- only keyboard version for now

Still to do:
- fix some windows alt-tab issues. (mostly)
- add more sound and music ?
- mouse controls
- plus any other bugs you might spot...

The following are some tactics that can be tried, and the names of the
people who use them:
The Admiral                        Buys lots of boats ...
Captain Birdbrain               Gets them stuck in the ice!
The Alcoholic                      Seems to encounter a lot of drinking horns and has
                                          more drunken army than sober ...
Temperance                       Uses the catapults to destroy the drinking horns.
Whizz-Kid                          Buys lots of catapults ...
The Traditionalist              Never buys a catapult (too new-fangled!).
The Peace Lover               Keeps out of fights, builds up an enormous army
                                         and waits until the other players have virtually
                                         eliminated each other.
The Miser                          Keeps on bringing back treasure to build up the
                                         Gold hoard ...
The Spoiler                        Stops the Miser by catapulting at the treasure box.
The Bridge Builder            Places boats to make a static bridge, to move
                                        armies across the Fjord.
The Hero                          A drunken Viking who attacks and destroys an enemy
                                        castle ...
The Thinker                      A drunken Viking who gets sobered-up by the enemy,
                                        and joins them.
The Optimist                    Attacks ALL the other players in the same turn.
Three Blind Mice              Three HUMAN players who fight and destroy each
                                        other so that the final winner is the COMPUTER.

Hope you like it...;-)

Any annoying bugs please let me know...


Beta Tests / Game testers
« on: 2013-Aug-26 »
Hi Guys,

I will be posting the PC version of my first public game here soon... Viking Raiders - "a Retro Remake"

I should be able to easily port to Android also... switching keypresses for touch-screen.

I have improved the AI over the original and allowed the longboats to be much more useful.

Mostly kept the graphics simple to keep the feel of the original spectrum game.

I am attaching a screenshot for a taster - hopefully the exe will be ready very soon.


GLBasic - en / TYPES and Deletes
« on: 2013-Aug-25 »

Just a quick question... I have had bugfor while now with a type not working as I expected after a delete from a TYPE list.

How does a TYPE FOREACH affect looping ? If a delete a different unit and it is in the same loop but not the same current item will the FOREACH index move position if the deleted item is before it??

Hope i made this example clear enough...


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