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GLBasic - en / Problems writing to Wiz
« on: 2009-Jul-04 »
I?m trying to write a highscores file using PUTFILE but it seems that doesn?t work under WIZ.
Reading a post with a related problem under GP2X it recommends to use WRITELINE and sync.

Trying this solution, altought I sync everytime a file has been modified, when I try to read it later it?s not synced untill I restart the game.
So highscores are not been updated till next game restart altought have been synced.
My call for syncing is this: SHELLCMD("sync", TRUE, FALSE, rv)
I?m reading with GETFILE that seems to work fine.

Any workaround?


I thought that GLX was just a opengl extension for binding opengl inside an x window, nothing related with SDL.
As far as I know, altought sdl and opengl usually are used together, they are totally independent and so you should not need glx support for playing just an sdl game.

Maybe I?m confused?

Hi, I?m executing one small 2d-only game in Linux (tried on fedora and debian).
Once the dependencies are resolved (sdl_mixer and libstdc++) it fails because I have no glx support.

Is mandatory to have glx enabled even if the game has not any 3d at all?? It seems like opengl support is been linked allways by default...
The linux hosts were virtualized,  may be this could affect?


Thanks amarliani for sharing the code will be useful for my pc port :)

I have finally adopted the ddgui_input function solution but a bit customized.
Didn?t know it existed.

Thanks for the help mates.

Hahaha, I agree with you Ian, mine is touch controled :P

So I should better go this way or I?ll be in danger hehe.

I?ve been reading carefully Yommi?s post about on screen keyboard but can?t locate the full source code.
Yommi seems to be out since near a year, could anyone post the full code or send it to me?

Eitherway I?ll try to do a quick and dirty one.

Thanks Ian for the code, but will be difficult to use something similar due to the screen width limitations (320 px) and the fonts I?m using.
The abecedary string won't fit.
I?m thinking about use the up and down buttons for looping trough the abecedary, showing one letter at a time.
It should be enough for my needs, but I'm still thinking about on screen keyboard.
Will have to take a deeper reading to the related post.

I?m programming a small game for Wiz and I wonder how to fill the player?s name on the highscores.
(any keyboard input in general, using only the pads or the touchscreen)

This can be implemented in two ways, at least:
1- On screen keyboard ( I know there?s some post about it, but don?t know how to apply it here)
2- Using an array of letters and the pad for looping trough them (saw it in some examples but don?t remember where)

Has anyone implemented any of those exitously and would be kind enough to share an example?
I?m kinda lost in such a silly thing.
Any help will be apreciated.

IDE/Syntax / SYNTAX - alias of <> to !=
« on: 2009-Jun-28 »
Maybe would be useful to add the ! sign as NOT, like C language.

You know, liken an alias of <> to !=

Even could be used with boolean functions like:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
while !GameFinished()




Many thanks Moru for the quick answer!!

Worked like a charm.  :good:



I would like to know if there?s a way I could do something similar to this:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
You know, wait for any input comming from those devices without mattering if it comes from one or other.


Bug Reports / Re: Multiple source files
« on: 2009-Jun-13 »
Mhh Schranz0r you are right.

Solved it adding a new blank line at the end of the third source file.

The bug, so is still unfixed.

Bug Reports / Multiple source files
« on: 2009-Jun-12 »

I have problems using multiple source files.
I?m using last version: 6.248

If i?ve got 2 files there?s no problem but when I try to add one more and compile this message appears:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
*** Configuration: WIN32 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.2009.113 - 3D, NET
"start_theme.gbas"(0) error : command not inside function or sub

"start_theme.gbas" is the third file added to the project.
The error arrow is pointing the second line of the file that (is a //comment!).
If I erase the comments the problems persist pointing now to code lines, giving the same error.

Any idea?

GLBasic - en / Wiz keymap
« on: 2009-Jun-04 »
Wich are the Wiz key mapcodes?

I have searched in the help for the key function but it seems there?s no information about Wiz platform.
Maybe is nearly the same as gp2x one?

Thanks in advance!

GLBasic - en / Re: Mappy loader problems
« on: 2008-Jun-15 »
Don´t worry mate, I totally undestand you  =)

I´ll take a deeper look when possible. (have very litle spare time too  :rant: )
Will keep you informated if I manage to do something.

GLBasic - en / Re: Mappy loader problems
« on: 2008-Jun-15 »
For your info.

If the screen res is a multiplier of the tile res, (600x600 if tile res is 60x60 for example) all is working fine.

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