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GLBasic - en / Re: Android runner
« on: 2012-May-01 »
If everything is set up correctly then it should do..

Off Topic / Re: Happy Brithday, Spectum...
« on: 2012-Apr-23 »
I had a celebratory play on Jet Pac. :)

I tried setting up my Spectrum but couldn't get it to tune into the TV so had to make do with an emulator.

Happy birthday, my first computing love.   :nw:

Oops I didn't know about this until just now and I guess it's over or pretty much over already? Damn. I could have done with an excuse to have a little new coding dabble. :)

GLBasic - de / Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Gernot
« on: 2012-Feb-13 »
Have a great day. I hope you and your family have a good one mate.  :booze:

He's alive!!  >:D

Well if anyone asked for two codes, or has one they don't need for some other reason then TCKSOFT would appreciate it.  :-*

Sign up as a dev is asking me for tax codes etc and I don't have one - not that I know about anyway.

Announcements / Re: Ubuntu app store
« on: 2011-Nov-06 »
Does that mean my Windows 95 is almost twelve times better?

I wish I could afford/justify it as it does look very nice indeed and probably one of the cheapest ways to get a (decently specced) tablet.

Has someone tested createscreen - and drawing to a created screen on an asus transformer? I still have someone telling me my game doesn't work right. I wish Android wasn't spread so thin across so many very different devices.

I've tried everything I can think of and played with the manifest too but no joy. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but if I am then I don't have a clue what.

I will have a look.

Did you know you can click on a reviewer name in iTunes and see all the other reviews they have left? Just saying...

Announcements / Re: Update
« on: 2011-Oct-31 »
I try to update and it says I'm already using the latest version. Is today's update not live yet?

Announcements / Re: Update
« on: 2011-Oct-30 »
My game runs about 10 times slower and the graphics are not centred now for some reason, when they were before. Oops.

Did the newest version of the fix work how it was meant to?!

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic for HTML5???
« on: 2011-Oct-27 »
Are there any news?  :happy:


Anything? *poke*

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