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Here is a link to when he did have source code (2007). Possibly for an older engine, and by the looks of it in C (I've attached the file), but hell, might help, especially with more complicated stuff like hills.

I must admit an OutRun engine would be pretty damn cool in a retro kind of way.


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Did an App store approvable version ever get made for iAds? This and in-app purchases are probably my greatest interest in GLB improvement as an iPhone development language.

If you mean the original C code then use the web archive (wayback machine?) as there is a rar file for it from 2007. Hopefully is for full thing

This site is pretty good. Basically a good summary of Mac Mini's on Ebay:-

Hmm, sorry I haven't really used GLB for very long at all, and haven't even bought it yet (or have access to it at the moment). Main thing is I'm browsing the forum to see whats what before purchasing it really.

So is this "self" a way of attaching a trigger routine to a type or something? In which case obviously a .x notation is much better than self.x. But what of using variables setup against types in standard routines? For example if I have an array of enemies which use a type that holds their X and Y coords amongst other things, and another array for wall objects etc all using the same type, then code like IF enemy[enNum].x>wall[waNum].x THEN ...etc would be nice to become IF .x>wall[waNum].x THEN if it was wrapped by a WITH enemy[enNum] and ENDWITH or even better if can do IF .x>..x if wrapped by WITH enemy[enNum],wall[waNum].x if you see what I mean. Might just be a little too hard to read though...

So if I had two arrays using the same type then how do you reference them? I mean lets say we have a simple type containing X, Y, and S (for sprite ID), then I apply this to my enemy and my hero, then how would it know in the same routine that .X, .Y, .S etc  is for the variable enemy and not hero without a WITH header?

Hmm, even with a WITH then how to handle more than one? Perhaps like this?:-
Code (glbasic) Select
WITH hero,enemy,friend
  .x=10 //Hero X coord set
  ..x=50 //Enemy X coord set
  ...x=100 //Friend X coord set

Or maybe I am over complicating it?

A WITH command, like VB.NET would be nice. So your code would look something like this:-
Code (glbasic) Select

WITH self
  INC .x //GLB supports inc doesn't it? Can't remember now...
  IF .x >= 8
    .x = 0