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QuoteOr have an id variable...
Yeah that's what I do incase I need it. Just before the DIMPUSH I do Does the trick. 

I've had similar things in the past where I found assigning the for variable to another variable and using that variable instead seemed to work. Don't know why and I can't remember if I reported it at the time to be honest

Indeed. Heh, yeah I played around with the editor quite a bit in work time. :) Hopefully someone will make a cool game out of it.

Beta Tests / Re: V11 beta
Ah yeah after playing a bit of catchup I eventually read about the HDD crash.

Hate it when that happens. Thing is you don't really do too much backup until you have a major failure. It happened to me about a decade ago and I lost a lot of good work. Since then I am like super paranoid and backup to loads of devices, both local and online (my virus killer auto backs up all my 7z encrypted with a password files every day as well as a manual backup to Box) everyday with more physical media (DVD-RW, DVD-W) once a month or so. I suppose these automatic systems like Apple time machine might be another idea I just prefer to be more hands on.

Can never be too careful really! Hmm, perhaps investing in backup tape systems like we use on our Unix systems at work is an idea.... Heh, I remember my wife saying where she worked in HP they used to have recommendations of not having your backup storage within 25 miles I think it was of the actual data. I'm guessing nuclear war paranoia. :) Ok, perhaps taking it one level too far there!

Ta. Heh, was a difficult time. In March they took all our stuff to be shipped and I had a month with nothing but a Netbook we used as a TV in our bedroom (bed was only furniture). Suffice to say I wasn't that up for coding. A month of that was pretty hard and then after moving out to Cyprus it took almost 2 months to get our stuff shipped to us (was very late for some unexplained reason) including the car. Painful...

Still alcohol and sun seems to take away the pain. I've noticed lots of cool code posted recently. Some of it, like the isometric stuff, is draw droppingly good. Nice. If things like that don't get the creative juices flowing again then I don't know what will! :)

Yeah I know. Sorry about that. I was almost going to post something when you mailed me, but had a load of stressful things going on.

I was going to say. I have totally been out of the loop for quite a while really. I've read a couple of threads in the last week or so but not that much. GLB11 eh? Sounds good.

Is also grey here (storm from last night). Only about 28c today. Brrrr...

Did have a good time and will have in the future too. I moved permanently not on holiday or anything. Now just got to get used to the weather again (lived here for 2 years back in 2006).

228fps. Obviously it's limited to the vsync to be getting 60fps all the time so I turned off my internal intel graphics (use NVidia instead) and turned off the vsync for your program. Took a couple of seconds to ramp up but was getting an average of about 223fps with a max of 228fps. Nice.

What's happening dudes?

Bet you thought I was dead? Not so! I just moved back to Cyprus! It's taken months to sort out, get my stuff, and basically settle down. Annoyingly built up work and you know jumping in pools in the sun and stuff got in the way of any game development whatsoever (still is really for a bit).

Nevermind, the old itch is coming back (I'm not talking about that weird rash) so I'm gearing up again. Especially now I've finished sorting out my office (no commute for me anymore!) and have got an embaressment of monitors and laptops to work with. Ah, you know you are a geek when moving to a country with miles better weather is only slightly more exciting than loading your desk up with basically six screens or so :)

Anyway I thought I'd better do a "I'm not dead" thread. I always find them a bit annoying after 12 years or so on the DB forums, but a couple of people emailed me (probably thinking I was dead - one of which had been around for months without me knowing) asking how I was so I thought it was best to put something here.

So I'm not dead. I haven't run off somewhere else (technically, apart from amusing banter posts, I ran off here from the DB forums really). And I'm not now called Lucy the bearded woman and run a bar for broad minded people who like pies. Nope. Although if I wear a dress I can see how you would be mistaken.


PS. Ang on that subject made no real sense... :)
Ok so I get my update to Snake Revolutions through (took a bloody week again) and it's on the app store. Great. I also at the same time did a free version (released on WebOS in a day). Apple though have rejected it. Why you may ask? See here:-
Quote2.9: Apps that are "beta", "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected
Mar 9, 2012 10:45 AM. From Apple.

We found that your app appears to be a pre-release, test, or trial version with a very limited feature set. Apps that are in beta form, or that are for demonstration or trial purposes only, are not appropriate for the App Store and are not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Specifically, your Application Description has reference to the app being a "trial" version.

It would be appropriate to complete, remove, or fully configure any partially implemented features.

Rather than providing a lite or trial version, you may wish to use In App Purchase to provide access to purchasing additional application features. Rather than requiring users to find, purchase, and download your other application from the App Store, In App Purchase provides a seamless, in app purchasing experience for your users, and an improved selling experience for you.
So I can't do a free version now? Because it has limited functionality? Isn't that the point?

So can't be bothered right now. So my original app had a quit button and a free (limited) version and got through fine. This one has failed because of both things now. Fuggit, don't think I can be bothered with a free version now...

Out of interest to keep things the same across platforms (much prefer that) then in the future with my free but in-app purchase idea of a game, sure we can do that with the new in-app purchasing APIs for iOS, but is there anything for the WebOS and Android platforms?

GLBasic - en / Pre3
Thanks for doing that! I'm guessing then GLB doesn't handle playing music again correctly on WebOS. I know the iPhone works fine with that.

Was it sluggish at all? I use timer code and all devices seem ok so far, but one review reckoned was too fast on pre3 plus the controls lagged. Surprised there about lagging and consider his phone to be doing stuff in the background as I've never had that on less capable devices apart from when it's obviously checking stuff like mail in the background or doing an app update at the same time.

A hackintosh is a pain. I, like a few others here, pretty sharpish got a Mini after using a hackintosh for a short time.

Mine was a netbook with like 99% compatibility. Worked fine. Then it demanded an update to the OS to use Xcode. That required repatching it all again. Then once all done and ready needed new OS for some other thing. Ok upgraded and repatched again and was ready to go. Then a week later Xcode required another osx upgrade.

Sod all the mucking around (mainly because needed a fair bit of mucking around to get it to settle down each time). So I just bought a mini. After all the profits would cover it ;)

Xcode 5.1? Crikey I haven't even moved onto Xcode 4 yet...

QuoteSince its a photoart game
What's that then?

QuoteCan´t you "sign in" with apple like developer/partner and get some free hardware?
Doubt it. You have to pay for the service every year so I doubt you can get the hardware free or cheaper. They are the biggest single player so they can afford to be arses. :)

QuoteAfter all, you develop a tool that allows people to develop content for them
And so do thousands of other people. All paying up. Apple pretty much doesn't care if a few don't take it up because of the costs as a tonne of other people will. Harsh but true.

The biggest annoyance is you *have* to use Apple hardware to publish really. It's not as if you can publish from a Windows PC or at least install OSX on a PC to do it (Hackintosh is capable of doing it (illegally I believe) but is a right pain for upgrading which seems mandatory if you use XCode). Out of interest now Apple are the biggest company in the world why are they not enforced to allow OSX on a PC (considering it is possible)? When MS were the big bad the governments couldn't do enough to make sure stupid things like removing IE or anti-competition rules were followed.

Total money making machine is Apple.


Don't let it go to your head. Although we will get you a statue eventually...