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Announcements / Re: Smartpacker
« on: 2011-Apr-01 »
Well. What about the memory usage ?

That was always the question with the older exe-packers.

Most resources should only be loaded when it's needed.
No point having level2-99 in the memory when playing level 1.

Smart packer might have ways to work around this as de-allocating some of the PE-sections after loading the exe and mounting it's virtual filesystem from the stored exe file.
Just make sure that it's not an enormous memory muncher :)

Off Topic / Re: Awesome Demo on Amstrad CPC.
« on: 2011-Mar-23 »
The CPC memory layout was apparently a bit of a pain to deal with, if I remember correctly.

I used to pour scorn on CPC users, being a fan on the C64, but I must admit its doubtful that the latter machine would be able to handle the stuff that was in the demo...  :(

Or maybe it's not :)


Anyway ... both are cool in their own ways.

Off Topic / Re: Infringements - help!
« on: 2011-Mar-21 »
Why not try to turn it around an suggest an licensing deal with hasbro, and make an official version of their board game.
- fix the game up a bit (pro gfx ao.).
- have it relaunched with their marketing.

Win-win situation for all.
It's certainly worth a try :)

Off Topic / Re: Android device
« on: 2011-Mar-04 »
Sorry. My mistake.

I thought that all of the Android Dev-Phones was flashable as the first one was.
If not, it's a bad deal.

When does the Easter comp start Gernot? There's less than two months to go now...

Does your post mean that one of those pads is a prize for the comp? =D

Off Topic / Re: Android device
« on: 2011-Mar-02 »
If you would consider an phone, you might get an adp3 (android dev phone).
You can flash the devphones with different versions of OSes (probably also non Android OSes).

Very interresting thread.
Some really cool code and thoughts her  :)
Slydog: your library rocks :good:

I wold forget about plain C, because you would be confused later on when going for procedural to object oriented programming.

Object C ties you more or less to OSX (I can't imagine elsewhere you would need it), and C# ties you to Windows (or mono).
C++ makes you free to develop on whatever OS you would want.
Choose C++ for cross platform compatibility.

I recommend downloading the  QT Creator (Which is a free cross-platform IDE) and have a look at QT and C++ :)

Bottom line: C is procedural, forget it. Object C and C# is to limiting. They ties you to one platform.

PX Tone is cool.
You also have musagi from dr. Petter (of Sculptris fame):

Personally I would reccomend a setup consisting of Ableton Live, Reason (rewired from Ableton), Energy XT (as a VST for Patchbuilding) and a few cool vst-synths (Sylenth1, Twin2, PolyAnna, Nexus 2, the Arturia Collection of analog emulations  ...).
Personally I also use some hardware-synths (Korg x-50, Proteus MPS+, Korg Poly-61), and a few differente guitars.
This gives the best quality, but if you don't want to spend a lot of money, you can definetly make some cool music with PX Tone or Musagi ;)

I also use a lot of free high quality vst-plugins. Both synths and effects. I could start a thread that list up a perfect free music-production setup if anybody are interested.

Off Topic / Re: Android NDK r5 & GLBasic
« on: 2011-Jan-29 »
Hopefully you can get something out of the business proposal form... the only thing is that google doesn't make any phones themselves....
Honestly, you'd think such a massive corporation would be more... contactable?
Anyway I'll be happy to "buy you a soda" (didn't that use to be a 'beer'?).  What more could you ask from a language?
...and sorry, I couldn't resist:

Google don't make phones ?

Probably manufactured by HTC, but then again ... Apple dont manufacture the iPhones themself either.

An Android DevPhone is probably what you would want. It features an unlocked bootloader, so you can install custom system images (Different OS or versions), but Nexus has better specs.

Beta ?
Where can I download beta version ?

Off Topic / Re: Android NDK r5 & GLBasic
« on: 2011-Jan-18 »
This is really good news  :good:

Off Topic / Re: web design
« on: 2011-Jan-09 »
Not to be rude, but all of these designs seem a little "homemade" to me.
There are a lot of good basic themes for most cms'es out there.
Why not get an graphics artist to tweak one of them to suit your needs ? (having one built from scratch would be expensive).
Have a look in communities like
There you can find a lot of inspiration and some good templates (if you dont build them from scratch).
Heres a joomla template I built from scratch for an customer
It's totally cluttered by the customer since I delivered it, bad pictures, symmetry distorted ao., but you get an idea. This was also one of my first websites, so my design is far superior nowdays.
I might be able to help in a couple of months, but I am far to busy right now.
Btw. What CMS do the glbasic site use ?

Off Topic / Re: Any free ftp backup utility?
« on: 2011-Jan-09 »
WinSCP is cool, but can you automate it ?
If you can, it would be my choice.

GLBasic - en / Re: Limitations of GLBasic?
« on: 2011-Jan-08 »
If you need al lot of different (but similiar) objects, oo is great, and i think that for complex games of this type GLBasic is not the tool to choose.

Don't get me wrong though, because i really love GLB  <3 and always use it for the less complex projects, but I live by the motto: Always choose the right tool for the right job.
In a lot of cases, GLB is just perfect, other times ... not.
You will understand as this as you go.

Then again, if this is your first project, and you don't have any former programming experience, GLB might just be perfect for you because it's WAY EASIER to learn and handle than ex. Airplay SDK and C++.

That said ... if I was to learn coding over again, i think i would go for an fully object oriented language first. It's not easy to learn object oriented thinking when you are used to procedural programming.

GLBasic - en / Re: Limitations of GLBasic?
« on: 2011-Jan-05 »
I don't quite agree with the "language is not the limiting factor" statements.

GLBasic is perfect for small to medium- sized games.

Maybe even better than most c++ frameworks because of the ease and the development speed.

But ... at one point you will miss full object orientation. Classes, inheritance, templating and several other oo features.
That point is usually when the game grows over an certain size that demands a lot of variation (or similarity).
When you need to reuse code. Then oo is needed.

Pointers are also VERY nice  =D

I am using GLB for small sized project, and Airplay SDK(C++) for larger ones.
Airplay is by the way free for iphone/ipad platforms, and is also quite reasonably priced for the other platforms (Android, Symbian, Brew, Maemo ++)

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