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GLBasic - en / Re: Tiled Map Editor
« on: 2010-Aug-03 »
Ahhh Tiled :) I use this editor.

Once you got the hang of it (and understand the layer and object system), it's superb.
You have two types of layers. Tile Layers and object layers (used to define walkable areas, animations and whatever you want).
Each object layer can have as many global and pr. object properties you want, so it's extreme flexible when it comes to adapting the maps to special features in your tile-engine.
Each tile might also have as many properties as you want.

It's in QT with source code included, and as stated, it export to xml.

I convert the exported map into my tile-engines format with a small QT app I wrote.

I see that several of the users here use Mappy, which i personally think is crap (but yoy don't have many alternatives).

TileEd is absolutely unbeatable in my opinion.

I't might look simple at first sight, but all those possibilities ... :)

I would reccomend writing a middleware tool that can link together your tileproperites with your engine by generating som struct's (types) and som basic-code.

Some of Carl's timelapses drawing-videos can be found here:

I am currently starting Ironthrone Games with Raymond Gaustadnes.
He is a world class graphics artist, and he might have the possibility to do the work for you, but it depends on the scale of the project, and of course the payment.

You can see his art here:
And some of the iPhone and facebook gamegraphics can be seen on his Deviantart site:

There is also Karl Bryhn which is a friend of mine, but he might be busy with animated movies:

I also know a few more thats in the same league as theese two, but i know they are busy right now.

Just send me a personal message which describe the scale of the project and the payment rates.

Is this paid work ?
And which terms are we talking about ?

GLBasic - en / Re: PocketPC Music
« on: 2010-Aug-02 »
Hekkus Soundsystem should support xm/mod on PocketPC.

This is what the website says:

Hekkus Sound System is a small and fast sound engine for
WinCE/iPhone/Symbian/Win32/MacOSX/Linux/PSP/GP2X and .NET application,
expecially designed for games.

For a small donation, you will also get the sourcecode :)

Off Topic / Re: Nice little music util
« on: 2010-Aug-02 »
The sunvox tracker is now FREE on all platforms except iphone, but the engine sourcecode is opensource (BSD license).

The sourcecode of the engine used the current version 1.5 is not included in the download as I understand it was in earlier versions.
Maybe just the tracker is updated and not the engine/replayer ?

Anyway ... I found the BSD licensed engine source-code on the web, and I'll probably try to build it and test it in GLB :)

If it work OK (and don't use to much processor power), I will rewrite the player to dynamically change which track/pattern to play from the "current mood" in the game. This is a cool idea as the ingame music would probably never be the same :)

I'm currently working on a tile/level/scroll engine (or whatever i should call it) it imports tilesets / levels build with tiled.
I can give you some of the code when it's finished. Just remind me in a few weeks.

Math / Re: Hex To Decimal and Decimal to Hex
« on: 2010-Jul-27 »
Ahhh ... didn't think about that.

Math / Re: Hex To Decimal and Decimal to Hex
« on: 2010-Jul-27 »
It's cool, but why not just go inline C and sprintf or something ?

GLBasic - en / Re: Blue bordes on sprites !
« on: 2010-Jul-27 »
I use PhotoImpact or Gimp (depending on what i want to do), but I hear very good things about Pro Motion from some of my friends in the demoscene.

They say that Pro Motion is very good for animations, and it that it got "the DeluxePaint feeling".
It also includes an integrated Map/Tile editor for levels (thats why I'm probably going to buy it).

But ... for now: PhotoImpact, Gimp and Tiled (this is so cool) for doing graphics and levels.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic to AirPlay
« on: 2010-Jul-16 »
Thanks for the answers.
I see your points.

But ... just an last reflection:

It's just that I would love support for Symbian, Android (native code) and Blackberry. I'd say that would be quite an reward.
Since Airplay is vanilla c++ it would be rather easy making a set of libraries calling airplay's SDK functions (which will deal with all platform spesific functionality).
In this way one could support several platforms with just one codebase.

GLBasic - en / GLBasic to AirPlay
« on: 2010-Jul-15 »
Hi, folks.

This is my first post on this forum, and as silly it sounds ... I'm somehow uncomfortable writing posts in new forums.

I am uing GLBasic for the first game I am involved in (well, since the C64/Amiga days), and think it's genious for rapid development.

You can follow our development-blog here:

I have also been looking at other frameworks that supports a broader range of platforms, and have found the AirPlay SDK quite interresting since it support native Android, Symbian and several other platforms. But it's much more low-level than GLBasic, an does not give you all the beautiful functionality GLbasic do.

I also observed that EdgeLib supports compiling c++ code to native Android and Symbian (but it has a suicide license-pricing for independent developers).

Why not add other frameworks (as AirPlay SDK ) as a selectable platform to compile to, an add a compilation-template for the selected framework to further compile the glbasic output with the external framework.

Then we could easilly compile native apps to both Android and Symbian, and all major platforms would be covered.

Ketil Jensen

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