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Hello there all community members :)

I recently tried some scaling code using ZOOMSPRITE and ROTOZOOMSPRITE, however, the SPRCOLL didn't like those commands because it detects the current size of the original loaded sprite, and not the printed zoomed sprite.
i was thinking on a solution... using GRABSPRITE but i'm not sure if it will work because of my game having a background...

Thanks in advance :)!
I wrote an app in GLBasic using DDGUI and the SQLite wrapper found in the forums, the app works great and i still have updates for it.

GLBasic does really work great :)
German, i live in Mexico
I'm about to release my DitraFall game at OUYA Market :) the player will have to use the touchpad.
I confirm that on Samsung Galaxy Ace (Android 2.3.7)(3.5")(hvga)(320x480) the PLATFORMINFO$("DPI") returns "1"

On desktop compuer with Windows 7 (18")(1366x768) the PLATFORMINFO$("DPI") returns "96"
Gonna test the command on Android to see what it returns
Quote from: fivesprites on 2013-Jun-16
I've only found issue with setcurrentdir for Android sound in the latest beta.   If I don't use this and explicitly put the path then it works fine.
I think it's the same for me, also running latest beta

EDIT: Also im having another issue, the command MOUSEAXIS() doesn't seem to work under Android also.
Quote from: kanonet on 2013-Jun-15
right xD
Quote from: spacefractal on 2013-Jun-15
its mightbeen the sound only and not music. Im have not tested Android with v11.4 yet, because im have not moved the java communications over yet. GETCURRENTDIR$() should works for other than sound/music, its should just got ignored here.
for me, both aren't working under Android 2.3.7
Quote from: spacefractal on 2013-Jun-14
im heard about the sound bug, you need to add path to the sound files as GETCURRENTDIR$() does not work, but sound do work for sound, etc "Media/sound/whatever.wav":
Thank you :) for this i should disable GETCURRENTDIR$() command right?  just adding "Media/file.ogg" to the PLAYMUSIC command did not work
I still don't have sound on Android, what about you my friends?

Anyway, thank you Kitty Hello for the update! :)
well, this is what i can do:

-Name of the app
-Do a couple of text edits to the tutorial help area

I have no experience with analytics or ad snippets i'm sorry
It has to be a Samsung Galaxy S4? because my current device is a Samsung Galaxy Ace, and i plan to buy a INCO QUOS tablet with Android 4.2
If it's not too late to recommend, i also suggest you to check out ZGameEditor (ZGE) (FOSS)
Nice job!
Thank you for all your efforts! :D
Still can't see anything :(
I would like to scale text to different resolutions, just like sprites or animations
Code (glbasic) Select
X_CAMERA 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1
X_PRINT "presenta...",0-(LEN("presenta...",TRUE)/2), 0, 1.1, 1//TRUE // TEST FOR SCALABLE TEXT //
X_PRINT "presents...",0-(LEN("presents...",TRUE)/2), 0, 1.1, 1//TRUE // TEST FOR SCALABLE TEXT //
IF mn > 260
PLAYMUSIC "hola.mp3", TRUE

btw, i understand some things from you, but everything is different with this picture: