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Quote from: spacefractal on 2013-Sep-01
its a bonus section for experimed users and the code can been confuctions for beginner and eventuelly dosent got downloaded by bots and more.

HOWOVER, if a admin thinks its should been in the Beta Tests forum (due its soo earcly, but workable), fell free that post move to there.

I'd like to have access to it but I don't have 100 posts  =D
Quote from: mentalthink on 2013-Aug-08
By Default the + icon  in compiler Windows  don't leave add a .txt file I try it, but the name of my .txt file don't appears selectable.

I need to add that functionality.  The current build doesn't recognise txt files as source files.
Quote from: Hark0 on 2013-Aug-08

I download and test on my MBP... very good job!

I found one "micro bug"...

Not compile if the project have *.txt files ... (I use this files in my project for anotate vars/comms/etc)

I think the app try to interpreter glbasic syntax too in txt files...


I didn't know you could mix txt files into GLBasic projects  :-[ Shouldn't be too difficult to add.
Hi mentalthink.  Thanks for trying out the IDE.

Can you get a screenshot of the issue with the color of the commands being in the bottom? I'm not sure what you mean.

Quote from: erico on 2013-Aug-07
i have a mac friend ta wold love to run glb, does the free version works fine on it?
I will tell him to give a try when I get back home.

Best to ask Gernot if it will work.  I don't know whether there is a file for the free version.
Quote from: bigsofty on 2013-Aug-07
Yes but I had to stop. I have to use the MAC at my workplace so it's a bit of a PITA when I need something from home, in this case "", where is it located on my Windows computer?

I created a project, compiled etc. all looked good up until stopped the compile.

The syntax highlighting worked fine, as did the auto-capitalisation. No glitches and everything ran smooth as far as I could tell. Nice work! :D

The only flies in the ointment were... the GLB help file did not work and some of the text editing commands are obviously not for coding, e.g. Justification. I assume you will alter the text editor to suit an IDE once the main compiler is catered for?

Overall though its looking good Marovada!  :good:

Thanks for testing it.  You should be able to find glblicence here:

I'll look into the help file and text editing features.

Quote from: bigsofty on 2013-Aug-06
Well done, that's quite a devious solution!  ;)

Did you get a chance to test it?
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2013-Aug-05
And any chance of a video of it running ?

I'm a bit time poor at the moment.  Will do if I get a chance.  The look hasn't changed much since the last version other than a button for compiling for iPhone.  The main changes are under the hood to make it easier to install and run ie without needing to separately install WINE.
Quote from: bigsofty on 2013-Aug-05
Thanks Marovada, I'll give it a go tonight when I get back!  :good:

BTW how did you manage to get around your problems and avoid WINE?

I packaged gpc.exe into using wineskin: 

I get my IDE to run with the correct parameters for gpc.exe each time the IDE needs to precompile your project.  This means changing the info.plist on the fly, running it and waiting for it to finish, then extracting the contents of its log file and checking if there have been any errors. is modular, meaning that you can place any version of gpc.exe in drive_c (look at the package contents).  This means that doesn't need to be upgraded if there is a new version of gpc.exe. can be run on its own (without the IDE), but you'd need to change its info.plist to the right parameters for your project.
New version. Easy to install. No need for WINE.  Compiles for iPhone and Mac. See first post for details.

Can someone test it and let me know what you think?
It shouldn't be a problem if you use the GLBasic editor in windows because Gernot has his own program to create the libPROGRAM.a

Edit: Also, you can change the build settings in Xcode to only compile for armv7 bceause armv7s is backward compaitable with armv7.  Anyway, GLBasic editor in windows works fine.  I'm compiling from the command line on a Mac and I've found a solution, so no problem.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2013-Jul-10
You gorgot an C++ file to include. gpc_tempg.cpp maybe?
They are definitely in one of these files.

I included all of the cpp files.
I've figured this out in case anyone else wants to know.

ios 6 was introduced with the iPhone 5.  The original iphones had an armv6 processor and iPhone 4 had an armv7 processor.  iPhone 5 has an armv7s processor.  Since the introduction of the iPhone 5, the default is for xcode to build the binary for both armv7 and armv7s.  You can see this in the build settings under 'Valid architectures'.

I was building libPROGRAM.a either for armv7 or armv7s with the -arch switch.  But it has to be built for both (unless you change the 'Valid architectures' to either one or the other.  You wouldn't want to build it only for armv7s). You can build for both architectures by using the -arch switch twice when building libPROGRAM.a ie -arch armv7 -arch armv7s

It's explained pretty well in this article that I was lucky enough to find:

This wasn't an issue building libPROGRAM.a with gcc from the iPhone 5 sdk.
It's definitely an architecture problem because I'm getting this warning with iphone sdk 6.1:

Code (glbasic) Select
ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/marovada/Desktop/TypeTest/distribute/xcode/Lib/libPROGRAM.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (armv7): /Users/marovada/Desktop/TypeTest/distribute/xcode/Lib/libPROGRAM.a

I've tried using the -arch switch when building libPROGRAM.a but no luck.  Gernot, what is the correct command line argument?