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The ability to compile shared libraries for other platforms (esp Linux/webOS) would be :good:

Pretty please with sugar on  :nw:
Is Windows the only platform GLBasic can compile shared libraries for? I'd really like to be able to make shared libraries for Windows, Linux and possibly webOS too.

Are there any restrictions on the use of libraries created with GLBasic?

I'm thinking about getting one of these: but I only really want it if I can program it with GLB.

Should GLB be able to compile for this?
Is the .NET compact framework necessary for GLB programs to run on WinCE?

Has anyone got the GLB IDE and webOS compiler running under Wine? If so please would you give me a run down on getting it set up?

I do have an old XP machine but my primary computer runs Xubuntu and I'd rather develop on that if it's possible.