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Title: Sir Clive
Post by: MrPlow on 2021-Sep-17
The British inventor that created the amazing ZX80, ZX81 and ZX Spectrums has passed away...

He also created
Pocket Calculator
Pocket TV
C5 Electric car
Earbud radio...

the list goes on...

RIP Sir Clive!
Title: Re: Sir Clive
Post by: bigsofty on 2021-Sep-17
Oh dear.  :( R.I.P. Sir Clive, the very definition of an eccentric British genius, sad news indeed.
Title: Re: Sir Clive
Post by: erico on 2021-Sep-21
Sad news indeed
Title: Re: Sir Clive
Post by: Kitty Hello on 2021-Sep-27
Yes. RIP. We're getting old, friends...