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Isometric look - code and some notes

You can download a compiled sample app here:
Instructions for the compiled app here:

Attached to this post is the source code.

There isn't much notation at all about what does what. I used TexturePacker for packing the textures (exporting as Gideos format). The layers of blocks were made with SimpleTileEditor. I wasn't intending this for general release, just a proof of concept after I had the idea. Sorry if the code is not very accessible.

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I'll see what it's like on Android :)

Its not bad at all - it could be a good alternative to 3D


Quote from: MrTAToad on 2012-May-25
Its not bad at all - it could be a good alternative to 3D

Yep, it would be nice to have a solution for sprites too or maybe diagonal blocks.
Maybe the engine can be adapted to work the same way on a kind of ´voxel´ sprite?
just some thoughts, I read the code later to catch an idea.


A sprite function was something I was going to put in but didn't have time yesterday. Shouldn't be too hard though. I have the photoshop template ready for constructing them. I don't have much knowledge about real voxels. However, there are some more ways the routine can be optimised.

I tested the routine on Android and was surprised at how quick it was on weaker devices. Because of that I am now intending to improve the engine and create a basic game with it. Fun stuff.


Love the effect Wampus, Am working on an Isometric routine myself although nowhere near as smart looking as yours  :nw:

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Quote from: Wampus on 2012-May-25
...Because of that I am now intending to improve the engine and create a basic game with it. Fun stuff.

Please DO! :good:


Little late to the party but this looks very nice, it's screaming for some sort of RPG or turn based game. Well done!  :good:


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Or some improvement on Minecraft!


I've played a lot of this code.
Added vertical camera tilt, fixed half bricks topside render problem and added shade (press SPACE to toggle)



gasp cough :O
I guess I will just pack up and move to the country side and go plant potatoes...

...really great feats coming from this!


We want an editor!


Android version:
Rotate: touch and drag or fling
Zoom: touch the left side of the screen and drag up/down
Toggle shade: touch the upper-left corner of the screen


Runs very fast on my Android phone, although the screen size was set to be something larger than 320 x 480 :)


I've made a simple editor (using my IMGUI library)

Download for WIN32:
Download for Android:
With this large map Android version is running with lower FPS here when 'shaded' enabled, and running with full FPS if I disable it (Samsung Galaxy S), use the controlls on the window named 'settings'.



I wanted to see if GLBScript is capable of compiling and running this nice piece of code. Compiling was no problem and for executing I had to fix some bugs (mainly related to POLYVECTOR)

Here is the running example:
Sadly Firefox is really slow, but Chrome seems to be the fastest (InternetExplorer does not even start...)
That's no Bug, that's my project!