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Off Topic / how well :-D
Last post by spacefractal - Yesterday at 21:22
Long time ago im checked as glbasic is not so much, even im still love it and recently actuelly did a game (Cave Hereoes). Which kind of projects is people doing?

Here we finished work Head over Heels for the Spectrum Next, which is of course a none glbasic project. Im did all the music for the game as well various chicken rooms as well (not all throught). Fun game to create stuff to even im newer has played the original (im was not a spectrum fan back then). Yes we might have been a bit late for the KS2 release of Spectrim Next, but we did it. Ist ace to see people still like to purchese physical games. hihi

PS. It ok to talk about none glbasic project this time as its a off typic thread.
Bug Reports / Re: Jpg doesn't work
Last post by spacefractal - Yesterday at 21:16
there is a know bug in years as glbasic does not property read some compression of jpg. Im saw that too in my own game and just changed them to uses png or uses different compression. This is what im remember.
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I have not searched for the library yet,

I want to load 3d Objects while only displaying the 2D buffer, is this thread safe, or are there some overlaps in memory?

Also reading and saving files in the background would be nice, since I added the collectables to the save files, saving lag has become noticeable ingame.
Thx for the kind words,

just some small updates done since my last post

* I added performance settings for the lawn effects ( view Distance of lawn can be set in percent ( it is allways related to draw size ) ).
* Lawn in close proximity to the player on another terrain level was also pushed down when the player was on ground, this has been fixed
* Fixed movement for the player when using a joystick
* Added bouncy wall detection also for enemies ( there is a wall type flag that will bounce the player off, like in a pinball machine, the texture of those walls can also change when it is bouncing something off, if it is properly defined in the TileShape Editor )
* Fixed a bug where height of static objects was reset to zero when an terrain update occured on a fixed area
* Created PlayerShape type and moved all hard coded animation frame references into it
* Created new maps
* Finished some animations of the new Player model in Blender, I will export it partially ( legs / arms / torso / head ) later this week, the reason why I export it partially is I want to change the model for the body parts on the fly ingame ( this is allready done like this for the old player model )

Did you find the library? If so, multithreading is realitively easy. When you only read data, everything is fine. Once you start writing bits, you must ensure, that no other thread tries to read or write to the same memory location at the very same time. You do this, by setting locks (critical section or mutex in HawkThreads). The main problem is to organize your work loops, so you don't have a lot of locks.
You will get used to it, when you start doing things in parallel. Often, I use separate lists for the result of each thread and merge the results after the parallel code part together to one result.
So cool to see, you're holding on to this. I really can learn a lot from you. I have a folder with lots of projects that I started but never finished. When the hard part is coded, I tend to lose interest. Keep it up!
I have added tree leafes reacting to player collision, I rotated them based on the proximity to the players / enemies, multiplied with the angle to the player, looks really nice.

I have completly rewritten the collision engine, now it is even smoother than before for diagonals, even with high frameskip values.

Now it is time to implement the player editor ( for assigning animation frames to different actions ) and a player action editor ( basically making combat moves editable ). Then I will add some fire calculations / effects, because I need burning lawn / trees for the story ). After this I can finally implement the new story / gameplay ( I made some maps for this allready ).

Nevermind, I found a good tutorial on hawk threads, I will give it a try sometime
That was just a short side project, all calculations done on single thread and still almost 60fps (of course map is small) but it's unachievable for let's say many popular game making solutions :) Generally standard  A* is good for turn based games, RPG, or when you have few units, as when you introduce proper collisions/tile occupy state there are a lot of problems that you need to take care on. And popular solution is to use regions/portals/waypoints pathfinding globally and fast A* locally when traveling between portals, or when previously calculated path is blocked - so the unit need to find some other way or wait path to clear and so on. And it would be best to do this on separate thread so this also have some requirements - local map data for pathfinding thread... And all that is a 'little' more work that such small project. Hopefully I will revisit pathfinding in this year to tune JPS/regions for proper game.