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I was building 'Noid HD' and I get error building cause it seems that import command now is a 'Premium' command :S.
I am using this command from long time ago (is the command I use for OpenFeint support).

Is this a mistake of the new release or this is the new command category?

Thanks in advance.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi Ian,

If you are interested on see your code working on iPhone / iPod and you haven't got your licence yet, I can make an AdHoc for you. That is the most fastest way in order to see your work working on real device.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Looks really great!!

Great Work!

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi Ian,

First, congrats for your buy!

I would like to help you, but I fear that is not possible with only certificate (I can do a certificate for your application with your device id but to compile you will need your own keychains which you request to Apple Server and is attached to your MAC).

Maybe if you jailbreak your device you could develop for Apple without a licence (at least on first stages), althought, I am not really sure of this.

King Regards, fjsantos.

@Gernot: What you name 'pedantic' I name 'perfectionist', and I am member of this club too! :P. Changed! ;)

I hope all enjoy of the website, we are on BETA stage so there is a long way of things to do, so if you miss something, don't hesitate to contact us!

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

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King Regards, fjsantos.
Great Work Ian and great game!

Congratulation for your prize!

King Regards, fjsantos.


I got same problems moving Noid for iPhone to iPad (same code, bigger graphics, but double processor on iPad).

On iPhone got 60 fps constants; on Ipad only 40 fps :S.

Kinda Strange.

King Regards, fjsantos.
That sounds great!

If you need a project for testing (for convenience), don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for your help.

King regards, fjsantos.
I really don't know what will be the best solution for this.

But your proposal makes sense to me.

With this method, I could regret to main app after 'end' command?

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi Trucidare,

Thanks so much, i will look forward for your solution :)

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi Trucidare,

As usual thanks for helping :).

I tried your solution but is not working :(.

Log is:

Code (glbasic) Select

2010-08-16 17:05:38.395 Integration[1580:207] *** _NSAutoreleaseNoPool(): Object 0x1070f0 of class NSCFString autoreleased with no pool in place - just leaking
Stack: (0x31399f83 0x3136d973 0x3136d93f 0x33380344 0x1be18 0x6a1b 0x69d0)
2010-08-16 17:05:40.745 Integration[1580:207] *** Assertion failure in UIApplicationInstantiateSingleton(), /SourceCache/UIKit/UIKit-984.38/UIApplication.m:1014
2010-08-16 17:05:40.753 Integration[1580:207] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'There can only be one UIApplication instance.'
2010-08-16 17:05:40.765 Integration[1580:207] Stack: (
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'NSException'
Program received signal:  "SIGABRT".
(gdb) continue
Program received signal:  "SIGABRT".
(gdb) continue
Program received signal:  "0".

Thanks in advance!

King Regards, fjsantos.

I am trying to integrate a GLBasic iPhone App with a XCode UI App.
The objective is to 'launch' an iPhone GLBasic App from an UI XCode Project.

What I have done:

- I create a simple GLBasic Application and compile for iPhone (simple helloworld text on screen).
- I tested (standalone) on iPhone and works.

- I create a simple ui application (a button with text 'launch glbasic app').
- I copy all libraries from GLBasic project to UI project.
- I add other linker flags, etc to get 2 projects exactly the same.

- I add the following code to UI project when press button. (I have defined the two methods and tested that nil arguments works).

-(IBAction) launchGLBasic:(id) sender {
   GLB_iPhone_call_main(nil, nil);

- Applications UI runs pretty well, but when i press the button, application hang up for a second and then crash.

Any clue, I have missed something?

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

King regards, fjsantos.
Announcements / Re: V8 beta
Of course, I have just pm you! ^_^.

@matchy: Same for me, visit is logged and then hang up!

Thanks so much for your continuous support Gernot!

King Regards, fjsantos.
Great work Hark0, that is simply amazing!!  :good:

It will be a RPG like game?

King Regards, fjsantos.