What GCC version does GLBasic 11.261 use?

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Hi, I'm back to ask another silly question.

As I am looking at using GLBasic for some time to come, I need to know what version of the GCC compiler is used in Version 11.261 of GLBasic.
In Version 10.283 of GLBasic the GCC compiler is version 3.4.5
Why I need to know this is to make sure the the MingW (static) libraries, not dlls, I build are compatible with GLBasic in the future. This is only for Windows, the rest of the OS's are of no concern to me.

So if anyone can find the time, I would really appreciate some feedback on this.
In order to find the GCC version, one needs to open a command window, and then in the GLBasic\Compiler\platform\Win32\Bin folder run the following command:  gcc -dumpversion

Thanks in advance.
I came, I saw, I coded.

Kitty Hello

I have no plans to change it. Unless I get an Clang compiler, but they are not working properly, yet.


I came, I saw, I coded.