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Kitty Hello:
Looks excellent, too. I heared it has more users thatn Agon, anyway. That was the main benefit of OpenFeint - the lots of users.

ScooreLoop has a C interface. You cann set callbacks for everything. challenges are very easy.
Nice thing better solution than OpenFeint.

3 Social Platform for glbasic. hope for bugfixes in OF and AGON so all 3 can be used.

Hi Trucidare,

That s Great!
Has i say in the previous post, i have a contact on scoreloop, so if you have any problem, we can contact directly to them!
The interface seems to be better than AGON which is great.
I will test as soon you released it (i want to include some 'social platform' to 'Noid').

Thanks again, for sharing your work!

King Regards, fjsantos.

oh created scoreloop only for testing, you want a release?

its the best one at the moment , no crashes or slowmows

Hi trucidare,

Well if you can post a release, i will test for you too.
I really want to include some 'social technology' on my games; but i would prefer OpenFeint if it's possible.

Not repply yet from OpenFeint.

King Regards, fjsantos.


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