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iPhone Touch demo and howto compile

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A video is worth a thousand FAQs!- thanks- this is very helpful & very considerate of you to go to the effort of producing this.

Kind regards, Shawn

I've been compiling this to my iPhone, and the app opens, does nothing and then closes again.

I've heard it will close the app if something doesn't work. Its Windows build runs no problems, AFAIK I've made sure the files it accesses are written in the correct case.

I am using an iPhone 2G with XCode 4.0.1, compiling for iPhone iOS 3.0. I am using V8.078 of GLBasic.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  :)

I can verify it's not the loading of the sprite, it seems to be doing that just fine. I think it has something to do with polling the touchscreen.

in the glb-code you could use STDOUT "position" and then xcode will write your positions into the debug console. Then you can see where your program is crashing.


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