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3D-snippets / Re: SGEngine
Wow, great work  :good:
Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine
Hi SnooPI

Unfortunatley i cannot help you because i also have no linux. But I am anyway interested on your project.
I am working on a dungeon crawler project and it is already running fin with native GLBasic 3D. But maby with Irrlicht i could improve light-settings.

Here a picture of the editor

Hi Quedo

As i am working on this project with X_SPRITE it seems at least here no issue
Hello kirkdev

The C-files are located at "%appdata%\..\Local\Temp\glbasic\".
To get there
-  press WINKEY+R
-  type "%appdata%\.."
-  windows explorer will open and the you can go to folder "\Local\Temp\glbasic\"

I did a very basic scanline shader already with ALPHAMODE. But at the moment this has no priority. But at the end  it should look similar to "Super Hydorah"
For now I'm working on soundFX and first level BGM.
I'm just a hobby programmer too, but my thoughts were to taking unpaid holydays from my fixed job to gain more time to program.
But I think I will not make the kickstarter. It seems to be a (to) big risk for me.
Hi all.

I'm thinking and thinking around..  ;/ and i don't knoww..
Should I make a kickstarter campaign? Is here anyone who made experience with it?
Short time developement...  :good: cool idea. Will try your game after work.
The slowdown is not an issue  :whistle: this keys ar for test purpose to set different FPS.
1 =   2 FPS
2 = 15 FPS
3 = 30 FPS
4 = 60 FPS
5 = if VSYNC of graphic is off , highest possible FPS

I just forgot to take it out for the demo  ;/

Well. In the attachement you will find a short demo (endlessloop) to get the feel of the game.
Of course it's uncomplete. Just unzip to your desired folder.

Move = arrowkeys
Shoot = spacekey
It's all done with X_SPRITE, without any optimization.
Funny,. Somehow also I thinking about changing now away from Android. But in my case it's because I now see behind marketing. So I'ts nearly impossible as an unknown "real independent" developer to get anything. It's so many fakery behind the scene  :( 
Some small progress done:
- gameplay -> weapon change
- graphics -> palmtrees, bungalows, octopus

see updated video on website
Yes, Space Harrier is the main influence
The video is 30fps but on real hardware (normal Intel onboard graphic) it runs on 60fps  :)
It's all written in GlBasic. In my opinion GlBasic is heavy underrated. Performance is good and it doesn't have this huge overload like Unity
It seems since 3D-polygon graphics came, no one made anymore games like this (except bad 3D remakes)
Hi all

After few projects I did with Unity it's time to do something for RETRO-memories.
And what's better to program this as GlBasic? Well, I found nothing.
I started a new game project. It's still very early state but if you like you can watch the actual state on my site

Edit 01.05.2018: @post #11 short demo for download