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Feedback / GACK tutorials?
« on: 2013-May-13 »
Hi, is there anyone that could take a bit of time to make a tutorial to make a game with GACK and compile it for Android, I've tried using this program but it's just confusing as there's no tutorials or documentation. Thanks :)

Feedback / A few questions about GACK.
« on: 2012-Dec-23 »
Hi, I have a few questions about GACK and here they are:
1. Are there any good tutorials online apart from this one:
2. I compiled one of the test games into an Android format, what else do I need to do to upload it to my Google Play developer account (e.g Signatures, zipalign etc.) All I have found are these and the source code:
3. Are there any other Game Engines out there for Android that require no programming apart from GameMaker, GameSalad, Construct 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2.
4. Are all games made with GACK royalty free?
Thanks and I can't wait to work with your application :D

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