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Very interesting soft and cheaper


HI I found this soft, now I try to export but don't works for me  :rant: :rant:, but the soft can export in Collada extension .DAE...
The cool of the soft it's you have 0 skills in 3d and you can do a lot of characters, this works similar to Sesamo Street character, Mr potato, Epi and Blas, you get a lot of presets and make a moster or an extrange model very easy way, whit a lot of posibilities in each part, basically you can do infinite characters and very quickly....

After if you put into a 3D soft, you can render and have a lot of graphics, complex and nice whitout too much work.

The soft is this... http://www.spore.com/getSpore

Really it's a game but you can do this with the characters, for me cost 4€  but I don't know if I need the real game for exprot to Collada format...

If you don't know too much make graphics with this you have a very very nice tool and it's easy to send to Blender...

Very interesting but I'm not sure that the characters you create are really royalty free :|

Snoopy I'm not sure 100%, but I think you can use without problem, I don't remenber well but I read about this soft and comments about download hundreds of models do it whit Spore, and another point, it's if have an exporter for any 3d tool , I think they win money whit 3D artist,... in the forum I read some 3D artist it's using for his works.

I think I'm wrong whit the soft, I try a lot of things for export the model and doens't works, I think you need the Spore, the game (have a lof of more of capabilities for make monsters) and then whit this it's possible export.. Not it's too much expensive about 20€

I will comment something in next moths, I buy because usind whit Coat 3D, Zbrush or another poligonal 3D tool, you can do a lot of graphics in 2D or 3D and very very faster.


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