Do you pay for 3D models?

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I have only some short questions:

1. Do you pay for professional 3D models they are optimized for GLBasic?
2. Would you pay for that if it's not too expensive (for e.g. 25€ for a animated cartoon character or 15€ for a car)?
3. Would you like to have an GLBasic 3D models store with optimized models? (it's only a crazy idea of myself  8) )

I'm just interested if you would buy 3D models they are optimized for the GLBasic 3D engine and payable or if you would prefer to learn 3D modeling by yourself. :D



Of course people would pay. I certainly would if the models fit my game. 3D modeling, texturing and animating is a very complicated process for many people like me.
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I think a system would be cool, where you can write your requirement of models or textures and other GLBasic members with these skills can do it for you.
But how should we set up a system like this where each side can trust the other side?

I'm really interested in building models for GLBasic members.
Maybe sb. has an idea?!

Would it be possible for Gernot to install a shop system or sth. else where people can pay e.g. with paypal and he will earn 10% of profit?!
Maybe the GLBasic site will visited more and more, when there is a 3D model library.  :good:

Or should we create a forum for requirements and sell it on TurboSquid?  :P

I don't know...


I like the idea of a separate shop.

But I'd also like to see other types of items to be sold, such as:

  • 3D models
  • 2D graphics / textures packs - hopefully a bunch of tiles using a consistent theme
  • music
  • sound effects
  • code libraries (GUI, sprite, particle engine, etc)
  • game source code (full source from simple example games to learn from)
  • services (pay per hour, ie: custom graphics / modeling)

Personally, I would pay for 3D models, and would have previously, but I could always find a free low-poly model and tweak it myself, but I suck at modeling and texturing!  I would pay for custom work too, but never looked into it thinking it would cost way too much.

Same for 2D textures and graphics!  You could always seem to find free graphics, but what we really want/need are related graphics.  It looks horrible to have a tree done by one artist, then a rock done by another, they don't match. etc
I can't believe nobody has just specialized in creating 2D game art assets in themed packages.  I'd pay $99 for a theme easily!

And selling directly through GLBasic's site could allow Gernot to make a percentage, and hopefully he could start earning what he deserves!

I got free models from TurboSquid, and don't mind their service, but I'd prefer it if Gernot could make the commision instead!

I like what they've done at
The are a Unity3D store (mainly, art and music can be used in any SDK) and they have most of the above.
They are more known for their libraries which you could buy and plug into your game.
In minutes you could have a 3d side scrolling engine with automatic camera tracking etc.

How can one side trust the other?  Simple, put in a rating system! 
You could either rate the individual product, and/or the seller.
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I think it's a great idea but my only worry is the extra time that would required to maintain such a service, it could be a full time job in its own right. Maybe, if Gernot is willing to out up the bandwidth, a user with shopping cart experience would volunteer to create/run this? Would this be a better solution?


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I think that woulf be a good idea! But let's wait for Gernots answer :)

Kitty Hello

Yes. I like the idea. No, I don't like the idea of having to program this XD


Im not sure if i like the idea or not. I always liked, that there is so much great work in the forum, that people made available for free. I fear, that a shop for Code etc. would result in less code published free and and more put in the shop. So im not sure if this would be good for the community.
But of cause there Situations where you cant find what you need for free and you would be happy to pay for it, but noone offers this service/product. So i have mixed feelings about this (especially cause i would like to offer my GLB-coding skills for
others to buy for there product).

But if we would like to do this, would we really need a shop system? Wouldnt a own forum "Trade"-Section do the job? Someone posts his request (and maybe what he would like to pay for this). And others can answer with there offers.
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Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Apr-25
Yes. I like the idea. No, I don't like the idea of having to program this XD

I'm really sure that there are open source systems. :)


HI Slydog, well I think if the models  are good  I pay for them, the prices depends of the model, I in example I sell somemodels about 15 and 30$, and well sometimes I sold enough another times I don´t sold more than 2...

I think have a little market for GLbasic can give a little push to Glbasic, it´s something like the Unity people makes... I sold for Unity, from another webs...

For 3D I think GLbasic, have to get support for shaders and all this things, for 2D well not too much more than now... but I´m sure, new shops in internet for Glbasic stuff will created, and making grow GLbasic...

I comment something similar to Gernnot when I was nebwie in the Forum...

If I can help in something I will glad to contribute in the idea...

I leave you a link of a Unity sold 3d Model....

In the preview Box, if you click you install Unity Player, and can view the model in 360 degrees arround...


I agree with kanonet.

There is good and bad, but the general idea is good.

One thing I hate into darkbasic is that they became "a store",  quite aggressive in my opinion and I have been avoiding their tools forever.
Two reasons I got into GLB:

1-it delivers what it promises.
2-great community ever.

Having a big store going about won´t affect the first but we should be carfull not to affect the later.


Or we create a new forum section "Game Content" with a requirement forum "I need game content, and I would pay for!" where users can describe what they want, how much they would pay and maybe some other informations.
Then specialized users create the content, put it on another marketplace like TurboSquid or 3DExport (for 3D models) and put the link into the forum "3D Models" or for sound in the forum "Music" or "Sound Effects" etc.....

Then Gernot will not have the problem to administrate a shop!?



That is one good solution Backslider, we can also have a section for ´free to use stuff´.

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Maybe Gernot likes the idea, too. :)

And the free to use section is a good idea!

My idea is:
1. GLBasic Game Content (section)
    1.0 I need content and I would pay ... (if nothing -> free section or counteroffer :D)
    1.1 Free Content
        1.1.1 3D Models
        1.1.2 2D Textures
        1.1.3 2D Tilesets
        1.1.4 Music
        1.1.5 Sound Effects
    1.2 Commercial Content
        1.2.1 3D Models
        1.2.2 2D Textures
        1.2.3 2D Tilesets
        1.2.4 Music
        1.2.5 Sound Effects

What do you think?

Btw. nice picture!  :good: