A seeming bug.

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Hello all.

I've noticed others mention this issue on at least one of the other threads, but all the same for precedence: when attempting to add more sprite frames after the 19th I receive an error that leads to a crash and failure of SEUCK.

So far as I can tell, I've downloaded the most recent build of SEUCK (17), so do not consider that to be an issue. I do not know of any issues with the program other than this for the time being. Simply making 2-frame movement animations for the character in 8 directions alone takes up most of these 19 frames, and I find that inhibiting on my project.

Are there any plans to fix this issue?
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Kitty Hello

thank you for pointing this out. It's a bug. I'll fix it.

Kitty Hello

OK, the bug is fixed. The overall performance is increased dramatically, too. There was a quite silly "non-feature" in GLBasic that caused a lot of reallocations.