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possible pvr support?


*.pvr is a pretty cool compression format that can save a lots of bandwidth as well when using it. Howover its does have some artifact (just like jpg). Unlike jpg, pvr keeps compressed on the memory and hence faster to draw the texture to the screen. I think that format can been handy use for backgrounds, interface and such thing, where artifacts does not display very much.

We used that format heavy in a game "Jungool", where its works very well (without it, the game would not been possible) (its a none glbasic game throught).

howover possible it could support it for formats that can use it? I guess its only iOS and some Android devices only, so its could been a PLATFORMINFO$ thing....

the tool can been found at http://www.imgtec.com/powervr/insider/powervr-pvrtextool.asp (username: tester and pass: tester still works, or just create a new username).

Kitty Hello:
hm. they seem quite restirictive with licenses and such.
Can you just upload the texture as binary bits with some GL_PVR_BLAH extension?
Can you send me some code how you loaded the PVR data and a test image?

oopps, forget all about this post.

That game we used pvr graphics was not made by me and was made in c++, directly in xcode.

Also I did not known about licenses, as I known there is a tool used in xcode as well, so its should been directly supported as well.

I can only ask the programmer about how its was loaded in with that format.

PS. Its nowhere need to been fast to implerent here, its only when its time to support it in the future.


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