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SOCK_RECVIP - Possible?

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Yes that's what I meant. But I have access to the right router for this need so that's not a problem, just need some time and access to the right computer. But still ICMP would be nice :-)

Kitty Hello:
OK, I'll try to implement that for UDP then.

Thanks so much  :nw:

Is it possible to see the originating IP-number and port of a UDP-packet yet? :-)

It is of course possible to send the IP with the packet but if the local computer does not know the external IP? I don't want to use external services to find out the IP since these don't have to be working all the time...

Kitty Hello:
I have the code here. (commented :P)

Can you provide a quick UDP test example for me to test? Maybe one that receives from more PCs?


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