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Multithreading with GLBasic [official]

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Thank you Gernot!  :good:

In the way of advice, is there anything In the RTL I would be better to avoid running in a separate thread?

Kitty Hello:
I have not watched for thread safety, so I suggest using calculations and graphics exclusively in threads.

This thread library was very easy to get started in, thanks! Had my program running within 5 minutes :-)
Just a few questions:

1. Is it possible to stop a thread from outside the thread?

2. When ending a thread, do I just need to let the subroutine run to the end or do I need to do something special?

3. I'm assuming the ThMutexLock() will halt execution until the mutex is free?

Kitty Hello:
1. You can do that with a condition. One thread informs the other about a quit flag.
2. yes. Just return in the sub and you're done.
3. right. The mutex lock will pause until you can access the mutex. That way you can lock shared memory.

S. P. Gardebiter:
Hello, I've got a question:
So multithreading is an official part of GLBasic and has the same licence conditions?
Means: Everything I can do with GLBasic, I can do with this libary as well?


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