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Quest 2 virtual reality device on GLB


Did anyone here try that out? My professor advisor is going to purchase a couple of these and I wonder if it is possible to rock them under GLB.
If no one tried it before, well, I will have a chance to check it in a few months and will let you guys know how it goes.

There should be no problem, if it requires to use some specific OpenGL extension or API - that could be done in Inline.
In core GLB is fast enough to render separate images for left & right eye, so I'm looking forward to any info about this.

Yep, that api part is what might be tricky. Would I be able to read the head track and the controls? Like joysticks and mouse?
A friend said everything has to go through some facebook app, but I don´t know. I also heard it got "jailbroke" few weeks ago, so let´s see.
If all goes fine I might be able to test something within this year.


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