Nice Clone DS Nintendo (its a Playstation PSP clone)

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Hi guys looking this night Youtube I see a lot of people speaking about this console... seems is a clone of DS, and really is nice... not too much expensive about 160E, and works with android...


Recently the Chinese console clones are getting better, I can finally buy one to subsitute my Xperia Play...


Yep, I´m hearing a lot about that and the planned version with keyboard and windows.
While I have doubts on the win version, it looks like the current one on video is quite good and solid.
Does anyone here have one? Have anyone tried GLB games with it and its controls?


Its not Nintendo DS at all, but its based on Sony PSP emulation.

Nintendo DS have double screen. A machine im have did 3 games with (music).
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Yes Erico the console you said is in the market (I think so)... Really can be very nice device... I think is a bit expensive.

Remind me  a lot to Pandora in the shape basically.

Yes spacefractal not is a clone of DS ( i said this because I don't have any idea about consoles, and in the video comment this.. some people in another places tell me too), I never had console  :-[ , I think the problem of all this devices is always the same, in this case is android, but with the WIZ or the CANNO I remind the GPH comment about market and a lot of games, and I think all was simply marketing... I'm not sure but I think for WIZ only appears a couple of commercial games.


Also if the console follow Google standard setup, then it's should support very nice with glbasic using GameInput api.
Genius.Greedy Mouse - Karma Miwa - Spot Race - CatchOut - PowerUp Elevation - The beagle Jam - Cave Heroes 2023 -


That is what I expect too Space.

Yep Mental, on the pandora forum there are extensive discussions on the gpd win and pandora.
But the gpd win is just a concept as of yet, while the successor of pandora, the pyra, is almost prototype done.

As yourself, all this reminds me of GPH. While I own and love a caanoo, I knew an alternative system would be hard to rule.
That said system is nicely build and I think the latest gpd stuff is as good.

Strange that the common folk take gpd as a DS clone as much as they take pandora to be the same. :D

Kitty Hello

Remind me when the windows thing goes live!!!!