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Yeah it was MouseCount seeing 16 touches and the array is only 5.
I cobbled this together and it runs fine now.

Code (glbasic) Select
FUNCTION updateMice:
    gm = GETMOUSECOUNT()-1
    IF gm>4 THEN gm=4
    FOR imouse% = 0 TO gm
        SETACTIVEMOUSE imouse%
        MOUSESTATE mx%, my%, b1%, b2%
Thanks for that Backslider. When I get a moment to have another go at it I'll try that out.  I suspect that it's throwing errors because it says that there are 16 different mouses (touches) available, which may be true for an iPad, but not for an iPhone. I'll see what happens...
I can verify it's not the loading of the sprite, it seems to be doing that just fine. I think it has something to do with polling the touchscreen.
I've been compiling this to my iPhone, and the app opens, does nothing and then closes again.

I've heard it will close the app if something doesn't work. Its Windows build runs no problems, AFAIK I've made sure the files it accesses are written in the correct case.

I am using an iPhone 2G with XCode 4.0.1, compiling for iPhone iOS 3.0. I am using V8.078 of GLBasic.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.  :)
Thanks Gernot. I was importing the script through Blender's text editor and running it from there.

The script shows a syntax error at line 47:
Code (glbasic) Select
except IOError, (errno, sterror)

I had a go at seeing if the exporter was compatible with Blender 2.53. I didn't have much luck. It threw up errors. I think we'll need to use 2.49b for the time being :(
That's very interesting Ocean! I'll have to keep that one in mind. I've been thinking about using either rendered 2d or 3d for my app.  =D
Throwing my two cents in regarding the 2d-3d issue. GLBasic is good at dealing with 2d/3d, but I think for the sake of performance do as much as you can in 3d, including the 2d stuff.
Obviously one can't make phone calls :D

On closer inspection though this means an iphone has more to deal with than an ipod touch.
The 2G hardware is an ipod touch hardware glued to its phone component. The 3G and 3GS have better integration of the boards.

I am developing on an iPhone 2G with 3.0 OS because it would be the console that's would suffer from performance issues. If I can get my app to run on it well, it should run just fine on anything else.

iPhones also have speakers. That affects battery consumption.
The iPhone / iPod Touch has a very particular way of drawing stuff. The following file is directed at 3d graphics but I think is relavent to this discussion as far as understanding what the iPhone is doing, and why it has a low drawcall count.

Gernot's suggestion of using Polyvector instead might be the way to go.
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
I jumped on the iPhone developer bandwagon a month or two ago. I looked at all sorts of ways of developing quickly on the cheap.

The cheapest option I've found is to get either a Mac Mini or Macbook with an Intel chipset, then you have to pay the developer fee to get on the app store.

I considered turning my Netbook into a Hackintosh, but chose against it to protect myself from legal issues down the track, and technical issues arising from using non-standard gear.

With all that said, I'm now trying to nurse my credit card back to health. :D

Thankyou for the English version of your entity system. It's greatly appreciated!  :good:
The word 'gp2x-f200' comes to mind...  =D

I think...
For anti-aliasing artifacts... Back in my Amiga days I would draw my sprites with a dark or light grey edge, depending on the background. If you're rendering graphics you can render to a grey background and then do an Aliased fill to RGB(255,0,128) for the background again.

Meddling with threshholds in Gimp is also extremely helpful too. The idea is to make the artifacts look like a natural mixture between your sprite and the background... more than half the time. If there are extreme colour changes in the background then this technique won't work.