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Available to buy here -

Fed up never getting a cab?  Can't flag one down when you want?! Well, stop complaining and see how hard commanding a fleet of taxis is!
Work the shopping mall, pick up the customers, contain your road rage, and make the $$$$ to win the game!
But be careful. If you crash your taxis or bump a pedestrian, you're fired!
The think quick, act quicker game from PuzzleBox Games. From now on you'll love your taxi driver!
Move your taxis into their parking slots and pick up your fares.  Be quick as the mall is busy and people need taxis all the time! So don't stop hustling for fares or your taxis are going to crash into each other & the game is over!

Oh, and mind the pedestrians, they don't know any better, but they don't want to be bumped but if they are then you'll lose the game!

Strap in and keep hold of your road rage!

See it in action...

YouTube Video - Taxi Taxi - iPhone game

GLBasic - en / Just purchased for iPhone usage
« on: 2009-Aug-26 »
A few days ago I downloaded the demo out of pure curiosity as I saw you can now compile for iPhone/Touch..

Very sceptically I knocked up a quick test with a few sprites rotating (very advanced  :whistle:), compiled, copied the XCode project over to my macbook, zoomed into XCode to build, error!!. A quick change to enter my bundle ID, clicked build... it compiled... It installed on my iPhone... It WORKS!!! - How easy what that!

I have a license for Unity iPhone but I loathe the overhead of exe's and I'm NOT paying the silly high price for the pro version just to strip out bits I don't use. That should be a minimum feature. I tried the Cocos Iphone route but Obj-C makes me physically sick in the way it's structured  :'(

Anyway, I digress. I'm ecstatic that someone has finally given a straight forward language the ability to create for iPhone. Ideally I'd like a Mac version of GLB too but you can't have everything can you? =D - So for now, Parallels with XP in Coherence mode does the trick  :good:

Just waiting now for my license to be emailed through :)

I see there's a link to the latest beta on the new page but it doesn't work? - I'm interested in downloading the latest beta as it has a few updates for the iPhone like setting the screen to landscape without the need to use the screen rotate code.

Where do I download that version from ( - V7.089 ) or will I get a link to that with my license code?

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