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Announcements / Re: V7 release candidate
« on: 2009-Aug-04 »
@MrTAToad - Have you actually compiled on your MAC? I tried both simulator and device and it does not compile. Also, I am a registered apple developer  ($99.00 deal). I have provisioned my device and I can compile stuff using objective c and it runs on my device with no problems. I think I have misunderstood (or missed something with regard to GLBASIC and the iPhone build procedure in XCODE)  :|

Can you please describe the process you use to get a clean build from the PC to the MAC.  :good:

Announcements / Re: V7 release candidate
« on: 2009-Aug-04 »
I think it creates the XCode stuff okay, but I do get :

arm-apple-darwin9-ar: temporary file: No such file or directory
/cygdrive/s/Compiler/platform/iPhone/bin/arm-apple-darwin9-libtool: no library created (no object files in input files)

I get the same result as you do and then it wont build on the MAC. I get this warning message on the MAC "the copy bundle resources build phase contains this targets info.plist file 'iPhone-Info.plist' "

and also during build on MAC

"/xcode/glbasic/iPhone_Prefix.pch: No such file or directory"


Announcements / Re: V7 release candidate
« on: 2009-Aug-04 »
Has anybody been able to build successfully for the iPhone with this new release?? I am still having problems, but it could be my lack of understanding of the procedure?  :|

We submitted our first program to the app store and wait for a positive review.
After that, iPhone support is Go. It's not working as nice as I hoped, but we make a PDF with screenshots where every step is described.

This is brilliant news. Thank you very much.  :good: :good: :good:

Guys, thank you for all the replies. I suppose this is my main question. Will the final release of GLBASIC version 7 be able to build for iPhone if you own a MAC and are a registered developer with Apple??  :|  I know this was stated as being true, but there does seem to be some problems with the procedure going from PC to Xcode on the MAC.

Does anybody know if the iPhone build is now working correctly?  :|

GLBasic - en / Re: Types in debug mode
« on: 2009-Jul-27 »
Thanks  :good:

GLBasic - en / Types in debug mode
« on: 2009-Jul-27 »

Is it possible to see the data within "TYPES" during debuging??


I didn't (couldn't use the Mac at the time) - someone else was trying it.

Hiro was going through various items on the chat forums, trying to work out the problem.

Okay. Thanks

Yes, the build errors were sort - unfortunately there seems to be a problem with sprites.

Can you please explain how you managed to get the build to work?

GLBasic - en / Re: V7
« on: 2009-Jul-23 »
Question about v7 and iPhone: Do we need a Mac to compile?

I believe that you do have to have a Mac to compile for iPhone.

Has anybody managed to compile for iphone on Mac? Or will it only be possible when the next update of version 7 comes out?


I got the same message.

Thanks I will try this.

GLBasic - en / V7 BETA and iphone build error
« on: 2009-Jul-21 »

Has anybody been able to build an iphone project on a Apple MAC? I keep getting this error during the build process "libPROGRAM.a file too small" ??

Any ideas how to solve?


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