A Tribute to R-Type

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Kitty Hello

Quote from: WPShadowHi!

Remeber R-Type? The arcade classics?

Here's an archive screenshot:

Since this game is now (2007) 20 years old, we started a competition to remake it.


* Deadline: 20-dec-2007
* Programmed in GLBasic (maybe using C++)
* Graphics 2D or 3D, but close to the original
* You can build teams
* Sound and music should be close to the original, but no copy (midi-rip) or so
* Multiplayer is nice, but not a must
* Network gaming is optional


* It should be a side scroller, close to the original
* At the end of a level you should expect a surprise (can be a boss)
* At least 3 levels with different graphics
* Control is your choice, but should be precise (keyboard, Joystick, Gamepad, ...)
* Highscrorelist or some system should be included


* Win32 platform ist required, others are optional
* Resolutions from 640x480 to 1024x768 for Win32
* Multisampling is optional

If you've got other ideas, please post them.
Prices are my (Gernot) work. I think it's maily dance mats and GLBasic CDs.

Post your entries on http://www.shmup-dev.com before! You can win better prizes there.