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Entertainment / game-child

Your children will love this peaceful game. They will find playing this game captivating yet relaxing, filling the scenery with snow or sand, making beautiful snowscapes or sandscapes :)

The Halloween theme is full of background images, figures and objects to be placed on the screen. Watch the snow fall and roll over them.

Use your finger to drop realistic snowflakes. Or "turn on" automatic snow, and the screen will be filled with falling snowflakes (or sand!), which will roll over the snow-mountains and objects.

The "snow" will use the currently selected color, so you are not limited to white snow. You can even have snow falling automatically in one color while you control a different color of snow with your finger!

We are preparing (for free!) a full Christmas theme. If you would like to see your own artwork in our next theme, visit and submit your images!

We plan to add as many features as we can imagine, like drawing on the screen. Just visit our web and let us know your great ideas!


"Garbage Collector" - By AppleBoy Media

Costs: 0.79€ / 0.99$ FREE!

iTunes Link:
MicroSite with Screenshots (Gallery):


~Garbage Collector - Get it now!~

Are you ready to become a Garbage Collector?

You have to sort trash into different bins. But be careful!
If you sort the trash into the false bin you will lose and the


will crash!

- - -
There are 2 game modes:
"Easy": The trash is slow and you have a ingame-tutorial to learn where you have to put the trash in.
"Hard": The trash will start normally but after a short time it will be much faster and you don¥t have a tutorial or sth. like that!

- - -
Try to sort all the trash get respect and a big highscore!

Good luck and have fun!

Your AppleBoy Media - Team

- - -
- Each update will be free for you! (more functions, modes or maybe a multiplayer? We will see!)



Rating: +9
(C)2010 Blackway Software
Price: USD 0.99

Itunes Link:

The #1 in Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Moon is finally on App Store!!!

Help Ulises to save her girlfriend Penelope from the hands of the evil Andromaco in this epic jorney through planets and even time !!

Are you fast, smart and strong enough to face traps, enemies and complex levels in this non-stop super game?


- Use accelerometer to move Ulises and use your fingers to jump, cut ropes to drop hanging bridges, move switches, break blocks to make your way and much more!

- Collect coins to pay toll and gems to increase your score

- Move barrels to reach higher places or splash enemies!

- Openfeint integration (Leaderboard) !

- 40 levels !

- Incredible physics !

- 8 Music track from Manuel Sahagún (, one of the exciting new talents in the house music scene !


Break The Code - by BdR Games
Price: 0.79€ / 0.99$
iTunes Link:

Break the secret code before you run out of guesses. A classic game of logic and deduction. Break The Code features:

  • Glossy graphics
  • Code length of 3 up to 8 pegs
  • Choose from up to 10 peg colors
  • Three peg sets
  • Set number of guesses
  • Optionally allow duplicates
  • Optionally set secret code manually (two player mode, sort of)
  • Also accessible for color blind gamers
  • Automatic save-game, also on iOS3

It's no killer app by any means, but hey you've got to start somewhere :P I'll also put up a free version with all the option settings removed.


Name: Just Pong
Genre: Action / Arcade
Platform: iPhone/iPad
Costs: $0.99
App Store iPad Link:
App Store iPhone Link:

Yes, it is JUST PONG, and it looks like any other pong game out there, but this pong game has better features and plays better than the original or most pong games out there.

Did you know that the original pong has been around since 1972. The game is still fun and addictive, and that's why consumers love the game of pong, not to mention the simplicity of the game.

Pong is all about angles, so that's what I improved. The paddles are using a convex formula. The problem with most of the clones is that the ball just bounces in the opposite direction, like a laser reflecting off of a mirror. With convex paddles you have more control of the ball so it's a lot more challenging.

Next I had to make the AI good, to keep you coming back for more. There is an easy and hard mode. Hard mode is very challenging, but not so much where you get frustrated.

*** Now with statistics ***

- Convex system for the paddles
- Unique CPU controlled AI
- Game statistics with save
- Very smooth game play
- Easy and Hard modes
- One or Two player modes
- Cool sound effects
- Clean user interface
- Pause and continue

It's very easy to play, just touch and move the paddle to hit the ball. Try to hit the ball past the other players paddle to score. The first person to score 11 points wins.
Two player mode, grab a friend and paddles and go at it!


Hardware: iMac 27", MacBook Air, PC 3.5Ghz Quad
Developing Tools: GLBasic SDK, Gideros Studio, PureBasic
Developing for: iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, webOS, HTML5


Name: BumbleBomber
Genre: Action /Family
Costs: £0.59
App Store Link:
Website Link:

Cute, fun and very addictive!
Suitable for all ages.

Two modes of play
Easy - Suitable for small children
Normal - A great challenge for everyone

Survival of the flowers is at stake!

Bumble the Bee must save the flowers from extinction by
helping them through their pollen shortage.
Help Bumble on his quest by travelling the furthest
distance possible, pollinating as many flowers as you can.

Watch out for the evil flowers and other nasties on the way!

Challenge yourself to beat your own best score
OR try to conquer the online score table against other
global players

Optimised performance for Iphone 3g can be set within the options screen.

"Bumble" might look cute, but he is a bee on a mission!



Genre : Entertainmet
Cost : $0.99
AppStore link:


Do you want to be The King of the Party?

Or do you want to cheat your friends or their coins?

With this simple app, you will be able to perform a simple magic trick that will amaze your friends.

Ask them for a coin (it can be a dollar, gb pound or euro) and make it disappear. They will try to repeat the trick, but they

will not be able. After many tries, you can repeat the trick and... the coin will dissapear again!

The will get crazy to find the trick with no luck!

And if you want extra laughs, just say ABRACADABRA while performing the trick... this will confuse them, and you will laugh

even more!

The game includes detailed instructions about how to perform the trick and how it works, and a interactive tutorial that will help you to master the trick.

Don't let pass this oportunity, be a real magician and get fun with your friends... even you can earn some money!


So i finally got my first app in the appstore... :)

Name: Countdown - to the stars
Genre: Arcade / Family

Tap the falling numbers until they become stars and don't let anything but the stars hit the bottom.

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Christmas Rush-

You play as Santa who has been sabotaged in an attempt to prevent a merry Christmas for the children. Rather than repeat the details, check out the link for some screen shots and a more detailed description of the game. We are in the works of adding additional levels that wrap up the story as to who is behind the sabotage. We plan to release the update after Christmas. We are quite proud of it and excited about the update planned for it.

Gary Gindlesperger

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Sia Sola        -
Sia Sola Lite -

Genre: Puzzle

50 ancient Egyptian temples... Resolve their curse! Red and green need to change positions, but up to eight grey guards block their way. Each step you take is answered by the step of a guard – you're caught within a labyrinth of moving walls!

Sia Sola is a sliding block puzzle game with a novel and dynamical moving rule. You may move a stone if its way is blocked by a single guard only. But this causes the guard you've passed to swap its position, too. Hence, the labyrinth changed its shape! If you finally managed to interchange the position of the two big stones, you're done. Can you do it with a minimum number of steps?

The full game contains more than 50 levels of increasing difficulty. To get you into the game, a tutorial is included. While the first levels are introductory ones, most of the levels need some clues to be solved – and the last ones are really tricky! Yet there is a tale of secret levels to unlock, barely solvable by a mortal mind... May Sia, Egyptian goddess of cleverness, guide you through this challenging puzzle!


Triple Dutch - by BdR Games
Price: 0.79€ / 0.99$
iTunes Link:

Triple Dutch is a Dutch-themed game, containing three innovative puzzle games. The games are based on windmills, flowers and cheese. Rotate windmills, move flowerbeds and slide the cheese to the exit... can you solve all 70 puzzles?

Triple Dutch features:

  • Three games in one
  • 70 puzzles in total
  • Normal and expert mode
  • Three secrets to unlock
  • Optional tilt control (cheese game)
  • Editor for each game
  • Automatic save-game, also on iOS3.0

I've been working on it for quite a while so I'm glad it's finally out there... 8) the titlescreen and most other graphics where made by cnartist



Shake and try to get the best high score in rhythm with the music!
This is a fun and addictive game made for lovers of belly dancing or any Rhythm game fanatics.

-great graphics
-real dancer physics
-fun game play
-just a lot of fun!

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Yeah, finally my APP was pubblished  :enc:
Thanks to everyone for the advice and help!

DishesWar By Paolo Borzini
Category: Games
Released: Jan 24, 2011
Version: 1.0.2
1.0.2 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 1.7 MB
Language: English

Dishes everywhere, few seconds of time...
Have you your finger enough fast?

The object of this action game is destroy all dishes using less time possible.
Shooting all dishes before you run out of time.
For destroy the dish, touch it with the finger. The amount of time you have to clear depends on the difficulty level! There are three level of difficulty, ever with 30 stage. Each level of difficulty change a dimension of the dishes: Pizza plate, Dinner plate and Dessert plate.

Paolo Borzini |
The WhiteFly Software |
Service on line for screen printers |


iOS: Entertainment, Music / Universal / Update 1.4 with BT.

Windows Mobile version (free):

Various randomly digitized generated sound effects. There are hundreds of simulated sounds of all sorts of noises like sci-fi guns, alarms, insects, percussion instruments, horn, beep, zap, drip, buzz, birds, woodpecker, chirp, wind, crash and motors.

Press or hold one to five fingers to play mixed effects and just shake to generate twelve new sounds. Great to use with a sound amplifier also.

Connect with the Bluetooth Connection Module to swap sounds from one device to another. Press on one device and the sound plays on the another. Great for a copy-cat game.

A simple tune cycle button creates loops so sounds are played back to create beats.

Bluetooth Connection Swap Module. Use one device to send the button presses to another device which outputs the sound.

Simple tune cycle looping of a couple of seconds duration.

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iFulmini By Paolo Borzini

Category: Entertainment
Released: Feb 04, 2011
Version: 1.0
1.0 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 1.5 MB
Language: English

iFulmini is a funny application that simulates lightnings in a different colors and size. Allows you to play with simulated lightnings on your iPhone! Move your fingers on your iPhone/iPod around the screen and the lightnings will follow your fingers. Customize your lightnings by selecting the thickness of the lightning and choosing your favourite color each for lightning. Use up to five finger for create and move the lightnings. Note : double tap for menu.

Paolo Borzini |
The WhiteFly Software |
Service on line for screen printers |