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Quote from: mentalthink on 2011-Oct-15
ok, 3ds Max have a very good exporter make by Vladimir... if you decide take a look, I don´t have any trouble to give you a hand, how I say 3ds max have a thousand of buttons, but you only have to know 4 o 5 things to make things...

PS: If have people interested in 3D in GlBasic, I don´t have too much problem in explain in some videotutorials how make somthing nice whit the soft I use most normally, but my speak english is more bad than write.
I think explain how make somthing like this , or more complex models, the good thing of 3ds max, it´s , this have a module for make walkings and runs for characters, and not it´s too much complex, in blender it´s a buch of works, put every bone and all this things.

..may i know where to download that exporter for 3dsmax, and does it exporting lightmaps done in 3dsmax too??