Author Topic: adpcm wav support? (and few other things)  (Read 3613 times)

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First at all, its common to use compressed format today and have been done that in years. Why does GlBasic still only use PCM-WAV? Its take a lots os hardrive space for a download game, when using many sfx.

for me even ADPCM-Wav format would been much better choice, which is a nice SFX format, even its a pretty old format. Its still a good SFX format, that dont use so much memory as PCM-WAV does.... And for systems, that cant play native that format, could jus uncrompress in load time.

That for is that I have used in years. Ogg would also been nice to been supported for systems that native support it for Music (patent crap), elsewise its should return a error (same with other music formats, like m4a). Howover its not a issue normallt for phones, since carriers allreadt have paid for that (as I aware at).

there is also a missing for a PAUSESOUND() and RESUMESOUND().

Also its would been nice to checkout where the music position is and also to play move the position in the music file, if possible.

I might came with more ideas for better sound commands, since they are really basic right now (but does works, which is important).
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