Author Topic: It's possible add folders for ordner more the code?¿  (Read 4165 times)

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HI sorry because I don't remind if I request this yet sometime... It's possible in the Ide add folders like in another common popular IDE's, like source folder, headers and this things, but whit the name we want, in example I divide the code in a lot of source codes, sounds screens , graphics, this source code make this , another another things...

I have my little tricks, but for show all source codes, and look all source codes very clean I think can be good for the IDE; another thing, it's if this suppose a lot of work of modifications I think better forget it, the IDE works very fine, but perhaps this little add-on can be usefully.


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Very interesting idea!

Currently I "divide" my project in various glb files: main, vars, render, logic, etc...

Having folders are very good for divide more files:





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Yes I have my trick to Hark0...

For divide the files I put a black file in example

000_graphics************.gbal This don't have nothing

005_UserInterface********.gbal This don't contains nothing...

With this you can see the files very quick

For functions and MIX with SUBS.

function Graphics:

With this simple trick you can see very quick too, beacuse sub and functions haven differents icons...

But really have folders like in Eclipse or Codeblocks can be very nice.

PS: This it's like info at least I don't know from some weeks to now... Eclipse and CODEblocks, have versions called, RAD or something like this, and you can do you own IDE for your languaje, in example AGK , Darkbasic for mobiles use CodeBlocks, it's the same you can donwload from the official web, but special for this soft.(really GLBasic it's light years from this soft) Forward obviosuly I want say (except 3D  :whistle:)