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Hi - Yes I have seen Gamepad or use of GetJoy commands slowing down the windows games hugely.

Obviously a bug somewhere - so this is fixed in version 15?

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yes, something like that. Here when NONE gamepad is used, then its run slow, but run fine when plugged in. Also the other way. Its weird, pretty weird.... But DirectInput is Windows only, so its can been why its works pretty fine on other platforms. Im will checks what its do in SHOWSCREEN, since the slowdown happens there.

LOL. Do NOT call any joy commands when a gamepad is not plugged. GETJOYNAME$() is IMPORTANT. This is only took some years and first noticed it now. Its seens the framerate slowdown have finally been fixed.

So you are 100% right, and a fix is very easy too. Use GETJOYNAME before use of a JOY command. Glbasic should have do that automatic for ALL joy commands.

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Maybe a silly or crazy idea:

Group up and make a "GLBasic 2" by our own...
Fresh from the start, AND open source from ground up.
We have some really good people in our community, and Gernot can help in his free time if he feel like to do so.
The community can stay here, and maybe grow up.
I love this place and community more then a decade!
Let's give it a new facelift :)

I <3 DGArray's :D

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That would indeed be awesome, but a massive, massive undertaking.
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