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Show Off / Re: GigaMan
a new version of GACK??? is it still alive?? that is a really good news!!! :good:
Show Off / Super Juliette

I don't know if the app will be updated one day and if i will publish the game...BUT here are 3 videos (sorry : in french!!) showing our work!!

i say "our" because this game was done with my children (6 and 4 years old at the making of the game) : they have made all the boss of the game!!!! they are nice, aren't they??

Our game really need more work : we know that!! (better graphics, shadows ....) but it needed a lot of work and time, and this is not a professional game...i think it shows what anyone can do with the app

i hope you will like it : please don't be too hard with us!!!!
i understand that, it's really difficult to find time, i know that...

but when you will have some time, could you please have a look to my last posts?

thanks a lot!!

i will finish this game one day!!!
Is  this App dead???

for information, when i try to build a "stand alone" game : i test the "mac os" version, and still have the bugs

i have just try HTML5 : but i don't know how to use it...
i have try to download the latest desktop version : but it is still the 1. 117 (build 25) one? isn't it?

it is the version i used. is there a new one??
hello again,

Can anyone help me?

Is the app still alive?

no news???? O_O

Have someone test it?  :giveup:
after the "hello message" problem, i have tried to do a "stand alone" version of the game with the desktop app, just to test:

- i succeed making a "iOS" version or "windows" version but where is the "iphone" version??? it used to have one (which didn't worked) on the previous update...

- in my game , player start with 7 lives : there is only 1 lives in the published app!!!

- when i shoot , there is no more bullets!!!!

- at the tittle screen, there is only "PAUSE" written on the upper left corner of the screen where you can choose keys, joystick...why "pause"??

I think you really should test this...(and the hello message)


Finish with the sound and some bugs

now, i have a problem with the "hello message" : if my text is too long (i wanted to tell a little story about the game) : just a few words appears on screen and not in the center of the screen...

so i have tried with some words : the title of the game and press fire, but  no more "hello message" appears...

have you got an idea?

thanks again

Thanks a lot!!! It seems to work!!  :good:

I have Now nearly finished With the sound ( the "slots" principe was difficult to understand but Now it look ok)

I have to work again to finish the game but i think i Will soon need your help for some little things and also to "publish"

Very sorry...but Still waiting for help!!! :giveup:
 :nw:i Still need help!!