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Following from the relative failure of my GameKit system, I took a lot from that and completely redesigned TSetup, so that it is now heading towards being a "complete" module driven, program initialising and processing system, whereby all graphics, sound, music etc can be loaded using a simple function and any screen resolution changes can automatically re-load all the graphics.

In addition it will have a batch processing system whereby you can put one or more sprites and/or text into a specific layer and it will automatically display it without you needing to keep doing so each loop.

The failure of GameKit was due to trying to keep things too local - with this I have loosened the requirements somewhat in that there are two parts for each module, with each module being things like the title screen, main game, game over screen  etc etc :

Part 1 - The main extended type routine
Part 2 - A Function that calls a specific function in the extended type

Whilst it is a slight duplication of effort for each module, it does allow the use of PROTOTYPEs rather than calling a specific name.

The other advantage of the new system is that anything can be accessed by either an index value or by name.  Whilst name calling does have a slight extra overhead, for most uses it will be hardly noticeable as I've using a binary search routine.

At the moment I'm re-writing my BallZ game with it.

Now got a second video up of half of the game up and running (although most of the video shows me compiling the code) :

The main thing is to get some sort of interpreter into the Animator system..