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Kitty Hello

Oh. I wear long sleeves all year long. Maybe when it's really hot, I get a T-Shirt. But _never_ with short pants.
Been to Syney once (Sep/Oct) and really enjoyed it. I'd settle there if it wasn't for the $70.000 they charge for thinking about whether they like you or not.


At any workplace I ever been to, I have never, EVER complained about the cold, no matter if everybody else was frozen solid.
But I'm always the first who will start complaining about the heat and nervously fiddle with the air-condition remote - "Can I turn it on now, please, PLEASE!?" and my productivity will plummet.

I grew up on the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic where there is a lot of sunshine during the summer, but then a lot of cold, cold northern winds in the winter. I had to adapt to the winter conditions, but summer heat is so much easier to sit through drinking beer by the sea instead of doing anything useful.
When I see tourists having an "active vacation" - jogging and biking in the middle of July I just need to sit some more and drink even more beer for their sake. Weirdos.

But in the winter, you'll find me in the mountains, living with wolves, hunting deer by my bare hands and teeth. Or something like that.
I guess I'm mediterranean/nordic half-breed.  =D


Then you should like our old place, we had -38 C last year.


oh god, I live in Brazil, but to tell the truth I rather live in a cold place, fells more productive...


Getting back to the Pandora, I have the same problem. For example "fbuffers.cpp : undefined reference to glGenFramebufferOES". Looking through the gl2.h files on the SD card (PandoraMake/glbasic) and on the pandora none of them have "OES" bit on the end. Would it compile if I manually altered the gl2.h file? I know this  is an old thread but a lot more Pandoras are being produced now.

Kitty Hello

I'll fix it soon. I have a very busy week, but I hope to get some night shifts where I can fix it. Nothing you can do. I must load that function dynamically. I do, however, have the fix solution for that. It's just a matter of implementing it.


Thanks Gernot.