Blender export filter for GLBasic .dda

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Yep, but the UVmap is screwed up on the OBJ. But that was on my end, there was a problem when exporting such on LW9 I using at that time.

I have to gather some time to properly produce the glbasic logo again and the many variations (net, print, BW, etc).
When I get to that, I will see to re export those again. :good:


Does 'dda' have more features than 'ddd'?
From blender I export a '3ds' file, then use the 3D converter in the GLb tools and save a 'ddd' version in /Media folder. It worked perfectly for me, with correct colors and lighting.
On the day the atom is a cube I will start believing in the square pixel.

Kitty Hello

dda is just an ascii format. Same features.