Irodoku - Sudoku with Colors / Betaversion

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Since Binary Madness is finished, I had some time to continue my work on my other 23 gameprojects :D
My Game Irodoku has now reached Beta status. It´s a Soduko for colors and symbols. It features 25 levels, each with a different color palette or set of symbols.
It´s 100% free and you can play it directly in Browser. Later I also will add a downloadable version.


great job svenart :good: but why doesn't it work on android?


Thank you.
About android: On my old system I once have compiled android apps successfully, but this is more than 5 years ago and I forgot how exactly I did it. Now I have a new pc, a new version of GlBasic and the first few attempts to compile for android failed miserably.

I really could need a video tutorial about this. I remember I have to install a special version of Javascript i guess, android studio and manually adjust an "environment" variable. However, I don´t know which precise Java Script version and where to find it (looked up in the forum but some links are old). Also, there was a problem setting up this environment variable.

But you are right, It would be time to try it again, since I have a few games that could run just fine on android.


but if you compile in html5 and not in android as i think, the problem is not android but maybe just a video setting like setscreen or something like that, because the game starts but you only see the left side.


Ah I see what you mean. Yes I have made the same experience. It´s abit strange because normally the game should be ok on mobile phones. I use 600x740 pixel which is not too much for smartphones but I also can only see half of the game on my smartphone. I really have no idea how to handle this.


I'm not a Suduku player but really like the presentation of this app - well done !  :booze:


Presentation is very good, clean and nice, one thing that I could advise is to tune colors a bit more, so they could be easier to distinguish- some color combinations like light/dark orange and red can cause problems on lower brightness / worse screens.
On gameplay side you can add something like counter to each color to show how much more tiles need to have that color and some marking that 3x3 square, column and row are filled properly - numbers are easier to read in that regard, so faster to fill up, that are some 'quality of life' features that were present in one mobile sudoku game that I played passionately for couple of weeks to beat personal records.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020