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Hey everyone. A few days ago I found all this half-finished Gameprojects I started between 2011-2015, and decided to continue working on them. Here a first video of one of the Games called "Crownjewels". It´s around 90% finished now, and I hope to release the game in the next few weeks/months (no hurry).

Hope you will like it, Feedback is very welcome.


Nice effects and music!


Good HD graphic and animation, looks like solid match3 game. You could consider adding some special mechanic or something to it, or it's just playing around with something else than Atari? (interesting retro materials on your YT channel) ;)
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Very nice presentation!  :good:

I'm not sure I would use "Jewel' in the title though, it may be enough for an E.A. takedown.  ;)


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seens to looks nice. only culprint is is the large side border, due its a vertical game as such. you could swap x and y without any issue really as its seens to been 7x8 row game? But looks nice.
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thank you all for your feedback. Originally I planned to create this game for tablets and smartphones. But now I modified it to run on pc´s, thats why there is such a big border. Don´t know what to do about this right now, But I will find a solution. swapping x and y is maybe a good idea, thanks.

Currently the game has about 50 levels and a good player will only need 3-4 hours to play through it so I will have to add some extra playtime for sure...