GLBasic old SDK versions

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Kitty Hello

Current is always at:


Let me know for older versions of glbasic, im happy to host them as archive. This is my way to donate bandwidth for Gernot. Im later upload v15 as well.


Hi, teste ich mal aus, hatte schon länger nicht mehr geschaut und gesehen das es eine V15 gibt. Vielen Dank für die Antwort
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Thanks Gernot, I need to use a old version sometimes.


Question: I have the steam version, can I somehow use the old (full) versions?


Yes, on my computer I have progressively installed v14 v15 and v16 and are working correctly


I am marc mounes the translator of the GLB help in french.
Is it possible to have the latest version and the html compiler without having to buy from steam.
Thank you.