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Hi, I just created a small game for the OpenPandora and compiled it successfully. Great work on the compiler that works on the pc!

However I am having issues with the touchscreen. When I use the nubs on the Pandora, they control my mousepointer nicely on the screen and I can navigate ok. However I really want to use the touchscreen as objects have to be selected a lot in the game. When I use the touchscreen, it is never accurate. When I start the game and then tap all 4 corners ending in the top left corner, it is sort of calibrated. When I then start using it, it quickly falls out of calibration again.

Any idea how this can happen?
I am a bit of a n00b when it comes to game coding and using keyboard input. I have some skills, but they were always used for company purposes (writing stuff to search through a lot of files and those kind of things).

I have a game which is a game about shooting a gun by holding a button. The longer you hold the button, the further the gun shoots.

Two players can play this game.

However, right now, when one player pushes the button, the other can't because the program is running some code for that button input.

How can I make it so that both players can use the controls at the same time?
GLBasic - en / OpenPandora
I have been mailing back and forth with Gernot about this, but it is not going to work out of the box.

I have a Standard Pandora machine running hotfix 4. When I compile a game for the Pandora (build for other platform) and copy the Pandoramake directory to the Pandora and try to compile it does not work properly.

There is an install script to install all the libraries needed to compile. The script gave a lot of errors, so I had to strip all the gui stuff out and just run the lib install lines. It worked. Now when I compile, I get a lot of compile errors. It doesn't seem to understand the GLBASIC language.

Gernot gave me an e-mail regarding reinstalling the libs, but it all seems fine when I try to reinstall. I really need a working install script for everything needed on the Pandora, but I'm not getting any reply when I ask for that.

Is there anyone who has gotten it to work....compiling a game on tha Pandora, for the Pandora?
I had glbasic running on a Windows XP machine. I now installed it on my Windows 7 x64 laptop. Installing works.

However when first running the application and choosing the homepath there is an error copy-ing the samples from c:\pro.... to my folder d:\\glbasic

Has anyone else seen these troubles before? How can I get it to run properly? I can't skip the choosing of the homepath.
Hi. I've beel fiddeling with glbasic a few years ago on the gp2x and made some really basic bames.

Now I have an Open Pandora and want to create some games for that platform.

I want to create a jump 'n run game. I have a totally working control scheme for walking left and right, jumping and bumping into enemies.

Now i want to create some levels (or one level to start with). But I need some info on something really basic. Do i create a bunch of sprites which i can just put in a level at different places (ground, palforms, etc)? How do I make my character walk on top of the ground for instance?

Can someone give me some pointers as to making this happen?

Thanks guys...