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I was building 'Noid HD' and I get error building cause it seems that import command now is a 'Premium' command :S.
I am using this command from long time ago (is the command I use for OpenFeint support).

Is this a mistake of the new release or this is the new command category?

Thanks in advance.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

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King Regards, fjsantos.

I am trying to integrate a GLBasic iPhone App with a XCode UI App.
The objective is to 'launch' an iPhone GLBasic App from an UI XCode Project.

What I have done:

- I create a simple GLBasic Application and compile for iPhone (simple helloworld text on screen).
- I tested (standalone) on iPhone and works.

- I create a simple ui application (a button with text 'launch glbasic app').
- I copy all libraries from GLBasic project to UI project.
- I add other linker flags, etc to get 2 projects exactly the same.

- I add the following code to UI project when press button. (I have defined the two methods and tested that nil arguments works).

-(IBAction) launchGLBasic:(id) sender {
   GLB_iPhone_call_main(nil, nil);

- Applications UI runs pretty well, but when i press the button, application hang up for a second and then crash.

Any clue, I have missed something?

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

King regards, fjsantos.
GLBasic - en / MultiTouch
Hi There,

I am currently working on Exodus HD for iPad, which we will include MultiTouch (for multiplayer).

So I have been 'playing' with 'multi mouse'.

First of all, i have been surprised that iPad has only 5 multi mouse controls (which means only 5 ships can be managed at the same time).

The real problem here, is when you touch iPad with finger number six, cause all 5 multi mouse coordinates, seems to be reset to the six one!

From my point of view, rest of touch after 5, must not do anything, nor reset rest of coordinates!!

Anyone have any workaround for this?

King Regards, fjsantos.
GLBasic - en / Piracy
Hi there!

We have detected that Exodus has just been cracked, and in our servers 8 each 10 users are using a cracked version of it (We get results for matching 'new users' and sales).

We are really worried about; although there is a lot of theories about piracy means (some waves thinks that piracy is a type of publicity meanwhile others thinks that piracy is a lose of money).
Although we are in the middle of the 2 waves, we really want to get the control of it, (we would like to know how much people on our server are playing with cracked version, so we can choose between left continues playing or close applications).

Some time ago, i read some kind of method that will be implemmented in order to get the control of that, i wonder if this methods finally have been done.

We wonder too, the general feels of the forums, regading piracy and if you have done something to control it.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

I would like to share with community 'Exodus' our last iPhone game.

Game name: Exodus
Game genre: Strategy / Action
Game cost: 1.99$

'Are you enough skilled to manage your own space fleet? Have you enough courage to avoid all the dangers that populate the universe? Do you think that you have steel nerves? Then Exodus needs you!

Your goal is travel from distant planets rescuing people by putting them safely on Space Stations docks. But the mission will not be easy, because galaxy is full of dangers: asteroids move free everywhere flattening everything on his path; watch out for black holes that arise everywhere swallowing ships on his way; undesirable aliens will try to infest your ships and kill all your crew!

You, as captain, will have to avoid all this perils, managing to rescue the people and driving them safely to docks on Space Stations.

Features include:
Ã,· OpenFeint enabled with 7 leaderboards and 14 achievements.
Ã,· Six beautiful stages to play.
Ã,· Three different danger events to avoid, which includes black holes, aliens and asteroids.
Ã,· In progress game save system.
Ã,· Rich sound effect.
Ã,· Vibrant music.

Exodus, galaxy awaits you!

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Comming soon to AppStore!
Hi there,

I have found this warning when compiling to iPhone. Apparently the game works, but i wonder if it can affect in near future.

'File gpc_temp1a.o has no symbols'.

Anyone can help on this or have found same problem?

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

When I use command 'NetWebGet' i get 'BAD ACCESS' on iPhone (it works well on pc).

Can anyone help me?

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

I have some problems when using gradients on iPhone. On emulator all looks great, but when i build to iPhone i get somewhat gradient effect like using low bit depth.
If i move the image to iPhone directly, i can see the gradient effect perfectly clear.
I dunno if it normal (if iPhone get low bit depth when gaming), or if it is anything related to GLBasic.

Anyone has experimented some similar?

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

I wonder is there is a way to drawsprite by his center, i mean any way to change the 'hot spot' of the sprite.
I know I can use offsets to draw the sprite where must be, but I wonder is there is any method to change this.

In the other hand i wonder is there is any way to change the thickness of drawline (I would like to draw lines more thickness).

Thanks in advance,

Kig Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

I would like to share with GLBasic community, our last project: Enerbrix.

Game Name: Enerbrix
Genre: Puzzle / Strategy
Cost: 1.99$


Are you bored of playing same puzzle games once and once again? Then Enerbrix is for you!
Prepare your brain and your finger for this new challenge. Each level of Enerbrix defies more and more your ability, speed and intelligence. With Enerbrix you will have endless hours of fun. The more you play you will want to play.

Features include 
  ââ,¬Â¢ Innovative and outrageously funny style of game.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Beautiful graphics full of light.
  ââ,¬Â¢ 2 Different game modes:
    ââ,¬Â¢ Classic Mode: Could you able to remain calm while you are invaded by a rain of brix? Remember, the secret is to think coolly and act fast.
    ââ,¬Â¢ Cross Over Mode: It seems to be easier, isn't it?
  ââ,¬Â¢ 3 Challenging levels to start: Easy, Medium, Hard.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Magnetip control system: We are proud to bring you our exclusive control system. MagneTip control converts your finger into a magnet, so the pieces that you want to select will go automatically to your finger and they will always do exactly what you want to do.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Convenient auto saved system: Don't worry about loss your progress, Enerbrix saves automatically your game, so you will never loss any of your movements.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Endless hours of fun. 
  ââ,¬Â¢ Different powerups including thunderbolt or freeze.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Combo Sytem: The better movement, the higher score.
  ââ,¬Â¢ Rich sound effects and vibrant music.

Discover this addictive and refreshing game which brings you the fun to the next level!

Enerbrix, make your own light ways.


Hi there,

While testing my last iPhone App, I have found that sounds stop working when iPhone comes from stand by mode.
Music stop playing and sounds stop working (commands like playsound doesn't work anymore untill you restart your app).

Anyone have detected the same problem?

King Regards, fjsantos.

Update1: I could reproduce the bug, its seems it depends on how much time the iPhone is on stand by mode (about 1 or 2 minuts and the when awake, the music off).

Update2: I get some herratic behaviour when I awake from stand by mode, some of them reset the App.
GLBasic - en / iPad Support?
Hi There,

I just updated my XCode sdk to version 3.2 which have support to new Apple devices named iPad.
As devices seems to share same OS that iPhone and iPod Touch, i suppose that could be easy give support to this new device.
I wonder if there is any planning for supporting that device? (Maybe only add a new resolution to 1024 x 768?).

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

Its seem netwebend stop working on iphone, anyone has the same problem?

Update: Sorry it's working, was my fault.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

Many of my customers, are asking if in my next update of 'Noid' they could use his own music while playing.
Actually, i think that is not possible on glbasic. I wonder if anyone has get to managed to do this.

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

Investigating some posiblemarkets to sell games, i arrive to android market. I know that its not so popular like iphone market, but i see that android popularity is grow daily.
Iphone developers adventage is that main resolution is 320x480, same as iphone, althought resolution sizes is increasing everyday too.
So i wonder is there is any plan to include android build on glbasic builds, or even if this is possible.
King Regards, fjsantos.
These are the official windows mobile resolutions, which would be great to include on compile options for windows ce.

These resolutions have been extracted from official guidelines from microsoft to windows mobile.

Writen in bold are resolutions which are needed to include.

Windows Mobile Official Resolutions

240 x 320
320 x 240
240 x 240
400 x 240
240 x 400
320 x 320
480 x 640
640 x 480
480 x 480
480 x 800
800 x 480
176 x 220
440 x 240
320 x 320

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

After get my account with microsoft to develop to windows mobile, i started some testing.
I compiled 'Noid' project to windows mobile (wm 6.1, device acer f900). When i try to start the app, the application simply doesn't start. I dont know if i am doing something wrong or if there is any problem with glbasic working on windows.

Anyone have same problem?

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi There,

Now that AppInPurchase can be used on free applications to convert to full version (at least!), 'lite' version is not more needed, so i wonder if glbasic will implement some methods which can manage this api.

Thanks in advance!

King Regards, fjsantos.
Hi there,

I wonder if someone has fresh news about fungp (wiz store).

Last news i was, were that would be available on january for independent developers, but on december for some companies.
Anyone knows what companies will be available on december?

I think a lot of people are interested in this store too.

King Regards, fjsantos.