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Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2022-Jan-05 »
late repley. Im have since last month converted most of my songs to been playable in FL Studio 20.8. Fl Studio 20.9 is out, but still not tested. Just damn, because... its have finally included Sound Font player in 64bit, hehe.

Off Topic / Re: Merry Christmas!
« on: 2022-Jan-05 »
happy late year. im still lying around here, still im  night not login all the time. hihi. Anyway im hope that Tyvarian 2 game is soon finished, so im can get that game out of door, hihi. Just did a OST out of the game today, seens to done much more tunes than T1 (which was quite simple). hihi. Game still not released. still some bits require works.

hey, that one was in a ealier build. but thanks for the notice. we should also let you able what mode its is eventuelly, which should not been that hard.

Gernot and me has stuff on steam. we could eventuely help to release it with you as developer. Currectly im does not got that much payment, but im do have focus on the Spectrum Next stuff throught.

alternative uses some pixels around the image. im think im used multiple boxcol collosions on my games. Only in Karma Miwa im used pixel collection by the floor by using a second imagemap.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Oct-17 »
anyway its looks like we need to update the project to uses a least grandle plugin version 4.2.2 and grandle version 6.7.1 me think. We cannot no longer uses a older grandle version, because its wont download the required NDK automatic.

Also you need to add a android:exported="true" under the <activity android:name="SDLGlbasic" in AndroidManifest.

Im havent checked yet, so no idea what its coming up with errors.

Currectly im got it compiiled, but still does not launch (crash out).....

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Oct-17 »
ioh no. Newer Android Studio has broken thing again. This is why im gave up Android as well iOS in first  time!

Currectly im cannot get android Studio working fully. one major block is Android Studio is so stupid programmed as its cant uses usernames with a space... ahhhh. so im can not countinue and will wait a another day. Android Studio is uninstalled again.

Im also not want to reinstalle the whole windows one time due this crappy issue.

Also what im found up until im uninstalled is JCENTER() is depreacted in (but they well keep it as read only in the future), but cause issues when removed it. ALso both grandle and grandle plugin is require to uses a newer version than that we uses or the NDK would not been downloaded and installed at all! Last time im tried its, its caused various compiler issues.

So its a another crappy cat vs mouse game again. That is why im in first place also gave up android as well.

IF im cannot get Android Studio to installed a another place without requireng to uses the username by default, then im cannot do anything at all. Its a very crappy issue.

EDIT: its ANDROID SDK that should not been installed in a username with a space. its dont like it and should have warn about it in first place.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Build Issues
« on: 2021-Sep-24 »
its might have mixed in old and new version? im havent checked in a while. target sdk 30 is android 11.

IM did inddeed have most focus on the Spectrum Next game currectly.

im have no idea what tis happens happens. Do a short example code.but howover make sure you using different variables for the loops, or its mighrbeen confusion and skips it or do wierd behaiver.

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Aug-08 »
Im is not sure about the idea between tune and cpu was the case of the stutter really, have newer understand its the reason for the stutter? there is both tune and sfx played same time, which is also the reason for the stutter as well.

howover im can see in the remixes im have done (like the above one), the "beeper" note was trigged each 4 frames in a speed of about 50 frames of second. with that in mind, two notes per 4 times (one  for tune, game logic, other for sfx, game logic), then the framerate would been 25fps for game logic (and graphics update). this if the cpu would have wait for the notes to been played finished. But its a slow paced game anyway.

So its actuelly possible wiki has right, but im do have seen much faster games since that with better rutines, but its qutie a very early game to been remembed.

On the Commodore 64, tunes is just tied to the screen rate and often/allways in the interups, so its dont got interupted from the game logic. Some tunes might uses cia timing throught (not tied to screen rate, but cpu based)

Announcements / Re: Manic Miner GLB
« on: 2021-Aug-07 »
nice one.

Its a game im newer actuelly have played the original and has very annoying beeper music and all. Even its might have a history behind it.

Im have done various sound track based on this game, example Manic Miner: The Lost Levels for the Gameboy DS for about 13 years ago (where the original beeper was included for some of the levels, tune called "Smiths Ear Bleeder", hehe.

So its no wonder im have done various tune take with both SID as well AY.

Here is one of them (this one was AY one, single AY):

(ohh yes im DID also used the "annoying" beeper sound as the main instrument in that one, haha). Fell free to include this tune as well if you want the title sid tune im did for comply of years ago. There is comply of them on my home page.

Off Topic / Re: DAW for game music
« on: 2021-Aug-04 »
im used flstudio, mostly with older version like version 11, because im is fan of block patteren and the newer version changed all shortcut. anyway you can download any older and newer version from thier homepage. so its not a problemo what version you ends using.

Recetnly im have do used Vortex Tracker 2.5 for doing various AY based music.

But there is various dac and no one is perfect. So its taste in mind.

that is a nice idea. :-D

Off Topic / Re: Where has im been
« on: 2021-Jul-27 »
actuelly im was all C64 fan back in the days, so newer actuelly played so much Spectrum. But its dont hold back to do projects for Spectrum Next.

Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« on: 2021-Jul-16 »
SteamOS diddent work when im tested it for years ago. But also newer heard of Proton, so its might works under that.

Im have currectly no change to test it. you can test my games etc if they works or not.

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