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I am looking to find the best way to have multicoloured fonts (programmically) in GLB without the need for multiple bitmap fonts.

My own idea is create the font like 8-bit character set or UDGs and re-colour as needed.

Anyone else try this or have an idea or tricks up-their-sleeves of how to go about?

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White Fontatlas and draw parts of it with polyvector and the color you need.
You can rescale and coloring it that way.
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I'm doing it as Schranzor described, additionally with PolyVector you have more freedom and can parse special chars differently - for multiline rendering and so on..
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


MrPlow, see if the program works for you (maybe with some changes)


Thanks guys! I will check that out!
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im did a rutine using bitmap that can scaling in any site. im a that used a mac program to create those font.

Im thinks its was this thread:

im have allways used my own font system, so im could uses scaling.
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V16 has true type fonts, and you can set a color, IIRC. However it is quite slow in comparison to bitmap fonts. I'll have to pre-render a bitmap when you load a TTF font.