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Anyone have any good tricks to force a windowed "landscape" game to go fullscreen?
I currently only get it working on 1366 x 768 and some others but want to get it working on larger screens too
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Hmm, might look at that again - I was hoping for a fix that didn't involve createscreen (so I maintain the clearer graphics)

I had it working with a virtual screen but found the colours were a bit dull and the look wasn't as polished.
Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs


The best solution for good 2D rendering in all resolutions is to adjust the size by sprite and not by screen, using percentages and ZOOMSPRITE/ROTOZOOMSPRITE or POLYVECTOR.
Yes, it's a little bit constrictive, but it's the best solution and we don't use another screen.


hm.. I didn't noticed such issues with virtual screens, with SmoothShading False, and each sprite in atlas separated with 1px border it looks ok. In my puzzle pack I'm scaling whole gui either from lower res or by scaling each button individually, and on game screens the game area itself is rendered normally (on backbuffer) with each object scaled properly to resolution/zoom. Depending on the game, may be suitable to add some additional stylized borders to preserve aspect ratio.
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