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Hi Guys

This might be usual info for some of you...
I was investigating the wakelocks for some of my busier apps - in the region of 2 - 3% of sessions have stuck wakelocks - Google bad behaviour allows for 0.10% so it's a problem and Google said it would affect store visibility if not addressed.

The main tag that seems to be the culprit is Audiomix (so sound and music) - possibly related to users switching jumping in and out of apps or due to adverts.

In order to try and fix this I modified some of the SDL Java file perform a release of sound resources before native pause - and so far, it seems to be reducing my wakelocks!! Yay!!

My test app was 2.10% wakelock and is now down to 1.49% and that is with only a small portion of the total installs on the new version...If it gets down even further I will let you know.

Code (html) Select
public void surfaceDestroyed(SurfaceHolder holder) {
        Log.i("glbasic", "surfaceDestroyed()");
if (SDLActivity.usePauseCall==true)
SDLActivity.glbasicOnPause(1); // 1=pause
        if (!SDLActivity.mIsPaused) {
            SDLActivity.mIsPaused = true;
SDLActivity.androidAudio.pauseMusic(); // gp
SDLActivity.androidAudio.release(); // gp - releasing sound resources
SDLActivity.nativePause(); // SDL2 - moved down in sequence
        enableSensor(Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER, false);
Check out this fab looking Moon Patrol!
Announcements / new book
Hi guys

Trying to finish my new book in time before xmas...

My brother invited me to this and while not sure about how it will supposedly make money and such I saw no harm just signing up with my email - I mean - I give my email to 100s of sites a year so whats one more!

Its supposedly like crypto but my brother thinks its gonna make him money :) - bless him!

Anyhow if u want there are 4 slots left - then you get your own slots to invite - I am curious about this as a method or experiment for exponential growth...

GLBasic - en / Android query
Hi Guys

I have a couple of apps that are reporting Background Partial Stuck Wake Locks for 3% of sessions of late.
It doesn't sound a lot but Google guidelines are to aim for less than <1%

one culprit is Audiomix and the Android os version involved is 8.0+ but wondering if anyone else fixed this issue in the past?
In the meantime I will try to find the cause before the novemeber update deadline.

I am hoping my little game will be sleeper and will get some xmas downloads :)

So far people like it, and got a couple of reviews but because they were given free copies the reviews don't show on the stats :(

I anyone GLB users wants to try it - I would rather send you paypal and re-imburse u instead giving free keys :)
That way any review u do will count :)
Hi Guys

Wondering if a couple of you could install and test that the turtle performs as it should.
Getting a few 1 stars from people saying Turtle wont accept commands...but it works for me just fine.

Appreciate the feedback - thanks!
Hi Guys

SF and Gernot - any update on a possible API 26+ SDK / Android studio workaround or fix for submitting to the playstore?

Thanks! :)  :help:
Hi Guys

I am using polyvector as a replacement for Stretchsprite but having an issue  with the border image getting cut off from the left side.

using this..were shx is a shift offset from the left.

ssxmod and ssymod are my scaled down width and height.

basex and basey are my 960 and 600 createscreen sprite dims

Code (glbasic) Select
    POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+shy,0+shx,0+shy,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+ssymod+shy,0+shx,basey,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+ssymod+shy,basex,basey,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+shy,basex,0+shy,0xffffff

but as long as shx = 0 or not added then the image is shown in full...anyone know if I am missing something here ... perhaps I did not use the

Code (glbasic) Select
shx = 0
shy = 0
    POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+shy,0+shx,0+shy,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+shx,0+ssymod+shy,0+shx,basey,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+ssymod+shy,basex,basey,0xffffff
POLYVECTOR 0+ssxmod+shx,0+shy,basex,0+shy,0xffffff
GLBasic - en / GameInput
Does anyone have a newest version of the Gameinput files and example snippet of use...
Also if there is a corresponding file?

GLBasic - en / inApp issues

Anyone know of a method for verifying the inapp purchase without using inAvailable() function?

My isAvailable is just returning the same value regardless of purchase!

IsAvailable() = fetches value but it always the same
Activate() = works are normal and allow purchase

I am trying out using the inapp_purchase$ string value as the means to record a hidden text file to validate the purchase if the text file is assumption is that the inapp_purchase$ string is populated after a successful purchase transaction and then I create the file.

Unless anyone can think of a better way to fix this issue - the app was initially in Beta so that might be the cause of the breaking of inAvailable value return.

Just published to production only yesterday...
Hope you guys like my Vector screen emulation :)

If you can please leave a little review or rating :)

GLBasic - en / API targetsdk
Hi Guys

Gernot advised me to just change the target api value from 22 to 26 in line with new playstore requirements...
I Googled around and lots of other frameworks are using the same approach until they can get proper fixes in place.

On change for one app I immediately got lots of unsatified link errors...perhaps one of you had issues with this before and know a fix...

  at java.lang.Runtime.loadLibrary0 (
  at java.lang.System.loadLibrary (
  at<clinit> (
  at java.lang.Class.newInstance (Native Method)
  at (
  at (
  at (
  at (
  at$H.handleMessage (
  at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
  at android.os.Looper.loop (
  at (
  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke (Native Method)
  at$ (
  at (

Offending line in SDLacitivty seems to be....


Hi Guys!

My latest retro app for beta testing - after seeing / playing the original I was delighted with the vector screen and it got me thinking how I could emulate the effect.

I hope my version has that vector display feel to it...
For Best results make sure phone or tablet brightness is not dimmed.

still to add enemy ships and some other features....
Announcements / Fun snake
I wanted to see if I could build and launch a small Snake game in a day.
Done in Pico-8 style (same limits)


By no means perfect - but the Snake versus Snake feature works well and is quite addictive.

Off Topic / Revival
Hi Guys

I am planning to go to Retro Revival in UK this May.
Any other GLB users going? If so might get to say hi!
Announcements / New Galaxia
Hi Guys

I wanted to do an classic version of my galaxia game hope you like it - please play and review if you have the time :)

Improved diving and increase attack flow rate over time.
Hi Gernot,

Just wanted to ask if GLB in theory is capable of working with the newer APIs for Android?

From Aug 2018 onwards Google requires minimum target API level that 5 levels below the current release (API-28 today).
So if nothing changes then API-23 is the minimum until the next release.

Do you think that is going to be okay or will this near future update ruin Android app building on GLB?

I'm sure other frameworks are facing the same issues with this new Android requirement.

Beta Tests / Android 8
Hi There

Is there anyone with Android 8 phone or tab that is willing to install one of my apps to test?